Welcome to my blog folks. I decided to start this particular blog after realizing how wrong I had been about marijuana. The government, friends and family, had accomplished the task of trouncing false facts on marijuana into my head. For a very elongated period of time, I really fell for it. I was one of those hoodwinked folks, who assumed smoking pot would make me out of touch with the world. For I while, I truly believed this fake ass government narrative. I really thought smoking pot would lead me to a one way path to the Psychiatric Ward.  Well, I guess time will tell , coz I’m gonna smoke this shit till i die…. FUCK IT

Throughout my early days in life, even writing about marijuana would have made you an outcast in society. Probably might still make you an outcast a bit in life today folks, but I don’t really give a fuck. Today we still have zealots who FALSELY ASSUME marijuana is the most dangerous thing in the world .  For an extensive period of time , i was bothered what society might say about my marijuana use, but I don’t really care now. As I matured and gained more courage, I began to try it out. I just feel if you have a problem with pot, then don’t smoke it. Don’t try and enforce your delusional marijuana stigma onto others. It’s kinda like religion-If it works for u fine, but don’t try and force your views on non believers.

Some critics might then say, so why am I encouraging it? I’m not encoring anyone to do anything, I’m just speaking the facts-MARIJUANA IS HARMLESS FUN if taken in moderation. Surely 10 -20 joints a day can’t be bad for anyone. Someone once told me Snoop and Willie Nelson smoke over 30 joints a day and look how smart those guys are. Until someone can show me anyone made crazy or slow by pot, please  preserve your marijuana stigma to yourselves. If you were going to get crazy in life , it probably has nothing to do with marijuana , that’s just how your destiny was set.

Today I know marijuana is not as harmful as a lot of other legal items out there, so I decided to express my assessments on the matter, via this blog. Here folks, I’ll transcribe a lot on various marijuana topics and I’m also open to any propositions that you might have on the subject. Am no God of pot, but I know a lot about it and would like to share my knowledge with you all. I will cover marijuana topics from all over the world and will also be letting you know of numerous marijuana festivals happening around the world.  I’ve also just recently finished writing a book on Marijuana that will become available in August of 2018 on Amazon and most major bookstores.

Please take some time to go through all the categories we have here and comment on the posts. Some posts will be open for comments and some wont . I’m aware it takes time to build a niche when blogging, but I’m in no hurry and I’m just doing what I love i.e. writing and conferring about weed.   Marijuana activist Marc Emery once state he wanted to over grow the government-meaning he wanted so much pot to be around to discourage cops from making arrests. For his “mulishness” Marc ended up serving a 5 year prison term in a USA Federal prison, but that just made the path to legalization speed up.  His work has become very fruitful ,as you can tell now, by the relaxed marijuana laws in parts of the free world. What you do to your body ,should be up to you and not the government. If you’re not harming anyone, whats the issue? Why not also ban fried chicken then?

I’m however puzzled by how long it’s taken the world to get to where we are today. Considering that so many politicians and lawyers smoke pot, one would have thought it would have never been proscribed. This blog will go back in time to events that transpired so many years ago and you’ll be dazed at what some people went through , for us to be able to write about marijuana with no fear of prosecution. The first Marijuana prosecution after the passing of the shameful Marijuana Stamp Act of 1937, actually happened in Colorado. Fast forward time and look at which was the first state in USA to decriminalize recreational pot? The conduit to legalization is a long one folks, but we are almost there, at least in the western world. Sadly, we still have some countries that are denying the results of research and still want to keep the stigma with them. To those people I say to you, “I respect you views, but don’t tell lies to gullible folks.”  I wont give you the finger, but hey, wake up and get with the program.  We still have countries lashing people for smoking marijuana folks! WTF

On top of blogging on marijuana news and topics I share some of my peculiar experiences with it. I can reassure you, it’s all fun and nothing boring or bad at all. Again folks, please don’t hesitate to express your true views on my blog posts. Nothing can break me and if it does, well, I guess I’ll just roll one up and smoke away.

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Let’s also binge the word  about this blog. Let’s all work together and enjoy, as we make this the most talked about blog site


Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning ,folks. 

Cheers Folks and please be sure to visit the other categories on my blog site.

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