El Chapo Guzman Goes On Trial

  • By Trevor
  • January 27, 2018
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El Chapo escorted by DEA agents.

Known to the world as one of the more celebrated Drug Lords, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is finally set to go on trial in the United States of America. Legally born as Joaquin Guzman, but commonly referred to as El Chapo, he rose to world fame after his second prison escape from a high security prison in Mexico. He  is believed to have been the leader of an international drug trafficking, money laundering, and organized crime syndicate, known as Sinaloa Cartel.  El Chapo faces multiple trafficking charges and is probably going to be receiving a life sentence or something that will equate to one. This just means the judge might not say life in jail, but could say something like 100 years in prison.

Believed to have links with former drug moguls like Pablo Escobar and the Rodriguez Brothers, the Mexican Government estimates Guzman has a net worth of about $US14 Billion. Astonishingly, 3years after his arrest, not a single penny has been accounted for. Joaquin Guzman is either a master of money laundering, or the Mexican authorities are full of shit. How can you estimate his net worth to be that high, yet you don’t know where a single penny is?

Though El Chapo is responsible for the deaths of many, I believe the Mexican government betrayed him. The drug pin absolutely paid them off a lot, but in the end they succumbed to pressure from the United States and extradited him. I’m not supporting El Chapo, but he is no different to the Mexican government officials he was paying off. We now live in a world of pointing fingers without first looking in the mirror.

In April this year, he will face an American jury which undoubtedly knew him as a drug lord before his arrest. His fate is obvious folks, he is going for life. Only an escape will free El Chapo and I doubt he can pull it off in the States. Though I have no proof of what El Chapo did, I sturdily believe he is blameable for the deaths of many and should spend at least 20 years in prison. To the youngsters who glorify the life style of drug lords, I hope you are witnessing how these cases WILL always end.

This is why we fight for the legalization of marijuana, to prevent some of these senseless drug war murders, and the ridiculous prices we pay for weed. Anyway, keep the bongs loaded and the joint burning. Legalization for all is just around the corner.

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