Why Robert Mugabe’s Departure Is No Big Deal for Zimbabwe.

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  • November 22, 2017
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Well, it’s finally happened folks, Robert Mugabe has officially resigned as the president of Zimbabwe. Many including myself were under the conjecture that only death was going to eradicate him from supremacy, but we were flawed in our beliefs. It turns out a feral and vocal mouth piece in the form of Grace Mugabe, became a catalyst in fashioning enemies for the inhuman dictator, Robert Gabriel Mugabe.  As the enemies multiplied and the harmonic and  illiterate empty vessel kept echoing rubbish, it was starting to become clear that Grace Mugabe was becoming a thorn in the ass for the meek Zanu PF party. It was also becoming clear that Robert Mugabe was now a mere puppet for Gucci Grace. Chit-chats of Robert Mugabe being disciplined by Gucci Grace were starting to circulate via the grapevine. Grace even felt unconquerable, as advocated by her criminal activities in South Africa and Hong Kong. She assaulted a journalist in Hong Kong and was let off, probably in exchange for lucrative mining deals. In South Africa , she assaulted a teenager and got away with it , but this time as a result of good relationships between the corrupt ANC and Zanu PF.

With every speech Grace gave, it was clear she was gaining guts and stupidity and had just reached the level of almost trash talking herself into the Presidency. Little did Gucci Grace know that elsewhere, plans were underway to impede her delusional considerations of taking over from her husband.  She kept attacking Mugabe’s closet allies and pushing them into a corner. Any shrewd person would have known that anyone has the potential to jump and attack when cornered, and jump they sure did. I don’t feel sorry for Grace Mugabe or her kleptomaniacal husband, as I feel they both deserve every wicked thing that any humane can ever encounter. The two of them consciously brought Zimbabwe to its knees and mounted fear in anyone who dared challenge their medieval style of leadership. Many people freely voted for Zanu PF , but majority were forced. Zanu PF ruled by force and all its members were corrupt mother fuckers.

So as I see Zimbabweans dance and celebrate on the streets, I am extremely disenchanted that they seem to be celebrating a new Zanu PF leader taking over. I know Mugabe is compost and should dissapear, but he is just being substituted with a very close buddy of his, who is just as inoperable as he was and just as evil. This is what really bothers me with this situation. Zimbabweans seem to have forgotten it was not only Mugabe who caused damage to Zim, but Zanu PF as a party. Zanu PF used the army, Judiciary System and police to carry out their barbaric activities on innocent civilians. Why would the army that committed many crimes under the disguise of Zanu PF, be a darling of the very forgetful Zimbabwean population. !!!!!

I comprehend that Zimbabweans have suffered a lot, but the situation was almost similar in 1980 when Zimbabwe got independence. People celebrated the election of Bob, even though his bush war crimes should have been a clear indication of who he truly was.  37 years down the line, we are in an analogous predicament. Mnangagwa is a murderer and does not deserve the celebrations he is getting. Him and Mugabe should both be in prison .I don’t even know why Robert Mugabe was given immunity for his crimes! Only in Africa, will someone commit as many crimes as Mugabe did, with no penalty what so ever! Its an insult to the intelligence of the negotiators, as Mugabe will face no jail time or accountability. What message are we sending to the rule of law, if we let criminals get away?  Oh , by the way , the negotiators are also criminals. DAH! There was no need for negotiations here, especially considering that Mugabe had the short end of the stick .

Emmerson Mnangagwa, a Zanu PF loyalist, is going to be in charge.  This is why I believe Zimbabweans are celebrating a bit too early. Mr. Mnangagwa has a lot of blood on his hands and should be arrested ASAP, alongside other Zanu PF THUGS .   If the army was truly a people’s army like they say, they should have locked Mugabe up, just like they did his close buddies. The only reason they never locked him up is because the army General, Constantino Chiwengwa and Emmerson Mnangagwa, are both Bob’s good buddies. Grace is the sole reason this coup happened and not because the army is upset with how things are happening in Zimbabwe. If Grace had kept her mouth shut, none of this would have materialized. Let’s also not forget that Gucci Grace refused to open her legs for General Constantino Chiwengwa………..this might even be the “main” reason this coup happened. She had opened her legs for several Cabinet Ministers and businessman  before, but turned the womanizing General Constantino Chiwengwa down, probably due to his rumored HIV status. Some believe this is what made Chiwengwa take sides with Mnangagwa.

Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Chiwengwa, are both beneficiaries of the bloody land invasions of 2000. The general and his family have close to 20 farms and I really wonder how many Mnangagwa has. The thought that so many Zimbabweans are behind Emmerson Mnangagwa, is a very nauseating one. This mother fucker is also responsible for the crap Zimbabwe has gone through, but we still have so many celebrating he is the next leader.  The same bastard who swore Zanu PF will rule forever is now all of a sudden a darling for suffering Zimbabweans. The same guy who sacrificed Zimbabwean soldiers for diamonds in the DRC , is now a hero! The same guy who echoed he had been appointed Vice President because he NEVER questioning the president, is now a hero. The same guy who forced a journalist to jump off the 4nd floor, all because he was screwing his side chick, is now a hero. This my friends, is why Africa is where it is today –ROCK BOTTOM.

Africa never seems to learn from past mistakes, nor does it seem to be heading in the right direction.  If this is truly a turning point in Zimbabwe’s history, a few things need to happen ASAP.

  1. ALL the perpetrators of Gukurahundi should be brought to justice, including Mnangagwa himself. Zimbabweans as a whole and not just Ndebele people, should now push for justice to occur for the Midlands and Matabeleland massacres.
  2. The illegal land invasion beneficiaries, should be evacuated and land given back to its rightful owners.
  3. Robert Mugabe should go to jail for all his crimes and his wife Grace should face the same tune.
  4. Government officials should now be held accountable for their actions.
  5. The constitution should be revised. Presidential powers should be limited. Zimbabwe should never allow one mad moron to destroy their country again.
  6. It’s about time Africa becomes creative. When will Africa have a commodity that the world needs, besides what’s in the ground?
  7. THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT -Zimbabwe should realize that CHINA IS NOT THEIR FRIEND. When China looks at Zimbabwe and Africa, they see a continent governed by clueless, unpatriotic and brainless politicians. This is why $1m from the Chinese gvt can buy diamonds worth $100million.  The government in Zimbabwe doesn’t even understand the true value of diamonds, yet they trade diamonds. This is what greed and selfishness does to a country.

So, as Zimbabweans brace for this new chapter, I would like to reiterate this statement, “IF ZANU PF FAILED IN 37 YEARS, I DOUBT WE CAN EXPECT ANYTHING POSITIVE UNDER A ZANU PF LED GVT. To conclude, if Zimbabweans are too docile to avoid these smoke screens, then they TRULY deserve to be oppressed at the HIGHEST degree possible. Zanu Pf caused so much damage to Zimbabwe and should NEVER be forgiven. AN EYE FOR AN EYE, folks. Mugabe was NEVER a “GREAT” leader like they tell you in the news. This guy just inherited a healthy economy and slowly destroyed it. What happened in 2000 was just a catalyst to Zimbabwe’s issues. Zimbabwe was always heading in that direction from the day Mugabe came to power. An Armageddon was set to happen. No one with any links to Zanu PF should EVER be allowed in power.

I rest my case.



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