Many Marijuana Companies Face a Tough Road Ahead

  • By Trevor
  • July 17, 2017
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With full marijuana legalization right around the corner, we’re beginning to witness many small companies prepare to launch their services. Many have managed to operate under very shady circumstances, but legalization could change all that. In Canada, marijuana is not yet legal, but many marijuana dispensaries exist, with little or no snooping from the police .This is all because the Canadian Police have much better things to do, than bother stoners. In the United States several dispensaries now operate under State law, even though federal law still considers them illegal.

Though the law itself on legalization and decriminalization is set to take full effect, I believe powerful companies will take over the marijuana industry and leave many of the small marijuana companies today, BANKRUPT. Weed shops operating in the USA today, are not too sure what their future holds .A new government that seems to be undoing all the progress of the previous government, adds to this fear faced by many dispensaries today.

Current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has made it clear they want to implement Federal law, so such garbage talks makes the future of legalization a bit gloomy.  How are marijuana companies today supposed to plan for their long term future, with all this uncertainty? I doubt they can go back to full prohibition, but such talks makes it hard for small companies to plan. As a result many operating marijuana companies today are not investing in growth due to fear of the unknown. This is probably going to result in many of them failing, due to a lack of long term strategic planning. Bigger Pharmaceuticals will probably take over the marijuana market, and once again the regular citizen will be swallowed by big businesses, supported by corrupt politicians. I have nothing against big business, but I feel the game should be played fairly.

In Canada there are already talks on not privatizing the sale of legal marijuana, when legalization kicks in, in July 2018. All these small moves, are an insult to those who fought for marijuana legalization, but hey, that’s just how the world works I guess. Those that paid politicians to keep marijuana illegal, so they can push their prescription drugs, are going to be the ones who benefit from Marijuana legalization. That’s just the world we live in folks.

As a result, I strongly believe over half the marijuana companies we have today are probably not going to survive stiff completion from big businesses. For the regular stoner, the good news is that marijuana prices are going to drop down drastically, but for the small marijuana growers –the future might not be too bright.  Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks.


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