USA Welcomes The Return Of Mandatory Sentences for “DRUG” Contraventions.

  • By Trevor
  • June 11, 2017
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Brace yourselves USA, mandatory minimum sentences for petty drug offences are returning. In a bizarre speech by Jeff Sessions recently, an announcement was made, that is sure to send the shivers up the spine of drug users. Mandatory minimum sentences for drug users will be returning folks. Eric Holder’s brave and heroic actions of trying to erode mandatory minimums from  a civilized society, are now under demolition. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Jeff Session has  invested in prison equities.  Mandatory minimum sentences for petty drug offences don’t really benefit anyone, besides those investing in prisons.  Being caught with 5 grams of heroin could now earn you a  minimum 5 yrs in prison, whilst stealing millions of investor’s life earnings could fetch u 6 months in prison.

I strongly believe this is a coward move to target minorities, as their neighborhoods are the ones frequently patrolled by police. This just means folks have to be more careful. Smoking marijuana is actually still a crime in some parts of the USA and don’t be surprised to see marijuana arrests on the rise. I don’t do drugs myself, but I smoke weed and believe all drugs should be legal for adults. If you fry your brain, that’s your own shit and is no different with folks that eat fast food multiple times daily. Sugar is much more dangerous than drugs and kills more people , so why not ban it as well . STAND UP TO THIS NONSENSICAL USA. LEGALIZE NOW

Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks.

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