Why Donald Trump Fired James Comey

  • By Trevor
  • May 10, 2017
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The Trump White House has done it again folks. Another high profile Public Servant has been “drop kicked” by the Donald Trump Administration. Like almost everything else in politics, the truth behind the firing “might” never be known.

Former FBI Director James Comey , FIRED by Trump

Ridiculed by the Democrats after his deceitful alarm in the last election, James Comey was also taking clouts from the right wing lunatics. Some long time Republicans have been very strident for answers in regards to the contentions of the Russians mingling in the United States election .Comey was probably just not getting along with the Washington phonies, as the CNN crew seem to be the only ones really upset about his firing. Americans are agitated about Russians “mingling” in their elections, yet the United States is a master of the same act. In today’s world spying or mingling in other nations affairs, is necessary if you want to get to the top or stay on top. The American president should really be focusing on the traitors who “abetted” the Russians and not the guy in charge of the investigation. I can comprehend the Democrats crying foul over the firing, as they must have now started believing James Comey was just about to expose a BOMBSHELL.

If the Russians had anything to do with mingling of the 2016 election, I doubt it had an impact on the result. Hillary was doomed to lose that election and with an establishment Republican, the result could have been much worse for her. The Democrats deprived Bernie Saunders a fair chance to vie for the nomination and that to me is what cost them the election, not the Russians. I agree with Donald Trump when he says he won fair and square, but he is probably not used to not being in charge of everything. Due to this, when shit doesn’t go his way he snaps. Trump was probably frustrated that the FBI Director James Comey, was still proceeding with the Russian investigation. Things have to go Donald Trump’s way or else. He forgets that he is the leader of the biggest democracy in the world and that’s not how shits rolls. Things are not always going to go your way, and folks are going to come after you till you leave office. He reminds me of African dictators, who retaliate each time they are challenged. Hopefully he learns how to work in a democracy setting soon.

As for Mr. Comey, don’t expect him to go out quietly. Politicians will always get back at one another and I’m sure he’ll punch back soon. James Comey made it very clear whom he wanted to win the election, so we can rightfully refer to him as a politician as well.

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