• By Trevor
  • April 1, 2017
  • Comments Off on 420 COUNTDOWN

It’s that time of the year, folks. Stoner’s national holiday is only a few days away.  420, as it is known by many, will be on April 20 and I sure hope you all have big plans for this amazing event.  Parks all over the world will be packed with potheads, as they celebrate the final stages of this brutal marijuana prohibition we’ve had to endure. We also use this holiday to expose the ridiculous reasons behind prohibition. Places like Vancouver , Toronto, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Lisbon and England , will usually pull the really massive crowds  .I myself , will be in Barcelona this year .I’m  sure it’s gonna be kicking and we sure are gonna get high as fuck.

The history behind 420 is surrounded by a lot of question marks. A lot of folks have questioned its origination and a lot of conspiracy theories exist out there. I have personally blogged on this topic several times, so I won’t dive too deep this time. The more realistic explanation, is the one on the Waldos. The internet is a great place for information, but like the buffoon Donald Trump likes to say, “Be weary of fake news.” Please do some research on the origins of this 420 holiday and maybe one day we will all agree on one explanation.

So as we continue our 420 countdown, let me just wish u all a happy 420 month. Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks.

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