Are The Emerys Deliberately Looking For Trouble/Attention

  • By Trevor
  • March 14, 2017
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Marc Emery and his wife Jody Emery were arrested earlier this month for illegally running a recently opened marijuana dispensary in Toronto. The Cannabis Culture chain was pioneered by Marc Emery and it recently has been launching more shops in Canada.  Marc Emery, or the “Prince of Pot” as he is famously known as, was also recently arrested in Montreal for a similar offense.  Emery is also famous for doing 5 years in a United States Federal prison for selling marijuana seeds online. Though many dispensaries might exist in Canada today, a large number of them actually operate under very blurred circumstances. As a result, from time to time, the police will conduct some busts on them. Surprisingly, many actually believe that cannabis is a legal drug in Canada, but in reality it’s not.  The police have turned a blind eye on petty marijuana offenses for a long time, as they have much better shit to do.  However, let’s not forget that recreational marijuana is not yet legal in Canada.

I personally have nothing against the Emerys, but I feel like they deliberately poke the bear at times. We all know the Canadian government is working indefatigably to implement new marijuana legislation, so am not sure why we still have rebellious behavior in the marijuana industry. Actually, they might be sitting on their asses in regards to marijuana legalization, but am sure something is in the pipeline and almost done. Shortly after the Liberal government came into power, Marc Emery was already on record complaining how the liberal government was arresting dispensary owners. We know marijuana can mess with your memory, so maybe we need to remind Marc that marijuana is still illegal.  Just because the police have turned a blind eye on it, does not make it ok to taunt law enforcement and the justice system.  If you are vocal about illegal activities and dare the law, what do you really think will happen? Supporting legalization and breaking the law, are 2 different things.

The Emery’s stunt in Toronto drew a comment from the Liberal leader and Prime Minister of Canada. Trudeau reminded the nation that marijuana was still illegal and those who break the law should be arrested. I respect the rule of law and I agree a 100% with Prime Minister Trudeau. Anytime the rule of law is deliberately broken, we are setting a DANGEROUS precedent. I urge the Emerys to chill out a little bit and allow the government to come up with a feasible marijuana plan. We respect your love for legalization, but if you taunt the law, what the fuck do you think will happen?  I know it’s taking a while, but Canadians have being waiting this long already. I had always thought that legalization in Canada would have come by now , but I see it’s a bit complicated  .What I do know for sure is that, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks.

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