Donald Trump’s Administration Threatens To Enforce Federal Law On Marijuana?

  • By Trevor
  • March 5, 2017
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions and president Donald Trump

The election of Donald Trump surely has a lot of people vexed. Though he does command a massive support base, multiple groups are really in fear of actions he could take. Here at Potnpolitics, we fear the progress Barack Obama made with marijuana decriminalization could be wind-swept away. The Donald has not really  made it VERY clear, where he stands on this issue. A lot of flip flopping has occurred folks. I just get the vibe he doesn’t care much about ending prohibition. After all, the dude has alleged he has never smoked before, so I can “understand” why he might feel that way. His executive actions and threats by members of his administration to enforce federal law on marijuana, are sending a chill up stoners’ spines. Currently, several States in the United States have laws decriminalizing marijuana, but federal law still prohibits recreational use of marijuana in all those States.

The Feds under Barack Obama turned a blind eye on the marijuana decriminalization laws.  However, the FBI and DOJ still have the power to bust anyone selling or in possession of marijuana. Under the previous administration, the Feds just let stoners enjoy this new freedom of appreciating marijuana in peace. Just like anything worthy in life, someone will always try to take it away from you. This is why the election of Donald Trump has stoners in the States on edge. Members of his administration are already threatening to take action and readdress already won issues. His Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it clear, he has NO LOVE for the holy herb of marijuana.

I strongly believe and don’t doubt a bit, that Trump’s Administration will try to ban marijuana. We thought the War on drugs was almost over, but I guess we still have a fight. We are prepared to march to Washington and air our displeasure at such a DISGUSTING move.  Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions should know that this is a war they will fight from a very week position. This is 2017 and arresting people for smoking marijuana is no different than, arresting someone for drinking a beer. Pro prohibition zealots have failed to justify banning marijuana. We all now know that multiple governments deliberately miss informed us on weed all along. THERE IS STILL NO VIVID PROOF THAT MARIJUANA HAS EVER KILLED ANYONE.

Having said all this, it’s not surprising Trump still wants to move ahead. He might have close links with pharmaceutical companies that stand to lose HEAVILY as more people start smoking pot. Trump is a hot head and don’t be surprised if this thing goes all the way to the Supreme Court. I have nothing against Donald Trump and I wish he is a successful president for everyone.  I just hope he realizes sooner rather than later, that this is a War that even “he” will have to retreat his troops. Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks.

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