Marijuana 2017- Here we come -LEGALIZE

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  • January 3, 2017
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After some great victories in the “War on Drugs” in 2016, potnpolitics strongly believes 2017 will even be better. The world witnessed a massive shift, in favor of making marijuana prohibition a thing of the past. All continents besides Asia and Africa, seem to be on the path to legalization as we speak.  Places like Maine, in the United States, have all stated that marijuana prohibition, should be buried 1 million miles below sea level. Such developments, are true indications the world now sees marijuana differently. Off cause, we will always have those that want to believe their own facts, but hey, so what? If you want to live in your own fake world, go ahead.

2017 will see the debutante High Times Cannabis Cup, live from Nevada. After Nevada voted to decriminalize marijuana aim 2016, High times moved fast to make sure stoners get to experience a Cannabis Cup Festival ASAP. This is going to be sometime in March. If I’m correct, it should be first weekend in Mach. Sorry I’m too stoned to google.

Many are predicting that Texas could decriminalize recreational marijuana in 2017, or at least, start working towards it. That would be a shocker for me, folks. I guess the Texan Legislature has finally realized that’s decriminalization as a better way to fight crime on that southern border. The election of Donald Trump, did seem to have many fearing what would happen to marijuana laws. Well, I don’t think the States will go back on any passed laws. I also believe they Republicans are smart enough to figure out fighting marijuana prohibition is now a waste of time. Legalization is now inevitable.

Canadians should also finally see favorable marijuana laws passed in the country this year. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who promised to legalize marijuana, is still to deliver on his promise. Am sure this will be the year it happens.

So, as we brace ourselves for a great 2017, let’s continue to inform the misinformed on the benefits of marijuana. There is nothing more dangerous than a misinformed bigot folks , so let’s educate them. Some will be tuff skulls to crack, but give it a go. Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks.

Potnpolitics, – keeping you up to date with all marijuana news.

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