2016-PotNPolitics, Annual Marijuana Review (A Quick Rundown)

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  • December 24, 2016
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As we countdown the days of 2016, just thought we here at potnpolitics, should take the time to analyse the highs and lows of the year-pertaining to our part, in the “War on Drugs”

2016 was definitely a great year for marijuana, folks. Some, like myself, actually believe 2016 was the year that really had an impact on ending this nonsensical marijuana prohibition rubbish. We saw a lot of legislation movement in places like America, Uruguay and even as far as Australia.  The Marijuana Law changes in the United States, are very important, as they help shape Marijuana Legislation elsewhere in the world. After all, it was the United States that invented marijuana prohibition, in the 20th century. Everyone else believed what the USA had to say on marijuana and so prohibition began. Surprisingly, a lot of folks, are unaware marijuana prohibition, is actually a new thing. Marijuana was not always illegal.

It’s however pleasing to note that today, America, is actually at the vanguard of trying to expire marijuana prohibition. In 2008, when Barack Obama came into power, no States in America had laws that authorized stoners to smoke recreational marijuana in the privacy of their homes.  This is something that had been under confab for a while, but politicians were petrified to take on it. In 2016, as President Barack Obama prepares to leave office, 8 States now permit recreational marijuana. Four of those states actually voted to decriminalize marijuana in 2016. These are California, Maine, Nevada and Massachusetts. They now join Colorado, Alaska, Washington and Oregon. This is huge folks and is a great step forward. It’s very imperative to note that, marijuana was actually not legalized, but rather decriminalized. Marijuana decriminalization means- folks will be allowed to possess certain quantities of marijuana and will be allowed to grow certain quantities of the Cannabis Plant .Legalization means-you can have as much marijuana on you and you can grow as many Cannabis Plants as you want as long as they are for your personal use.  Decriminalization will usually come first before legalization.

2016 was also a great year for medical marijuana in the United States. Five more States voted to legalize medical marijuana. This now means the USA now has 28 States, plus DC, that have now legalized Medical Marijuana. The five  added to the list in 2016 are Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Dakota, Florida and Arkansas. Montana also made some amendment to its current medical marijuana laws .

However, It was not all handy dandy , in the fight for decriminalization in 2016. Sadly, 2 states, Ohio and Arizona, actually voted not to decriminalize marijuana at all. This just shows you that,  though we have come a very long way with this “War on Drugs”, we still have a number of folks who refuse to accept the facts. Many still want to live in denial and hold onto that stigma, that marijuana is such a bad drug. If I was a religious believer, maybe I would pray that God wisen them up. The “War on Drugs” has not been won yet, but marijuana lovers won more battles this year.

The Colorado legislature, is also looking at possibly voting for an amendment that would cap the THC potency of recreational marijuana and cannabis products to a percentage below most of those products’ current averages, folks. The average potency (THC Levels) of Colorado marijuana products is already about 17% higher for marijuana flowers and a whopping 62% percent higher for marijuana extracts. The proposed new bill wants to cap the THC Levels to about 16%. This would mean products like shutter and other concentrates would become illegal. Our Republican friends believe we might be in danger of smoking marijuana that’s too potent, so they are supposedly “watching out” for us, I guess.  They have no evidence that too much THC is harmful , but somehow they believe it should be caped. What a bunch of morons.   Jeeeeeeze.

Some right wing politicians ,are also seeking to undo the marijuana decriminalization laws in Colorado. Initially ,the vote to decriminalize marijuana in Colorado, was very close, so I guess some bigots believe it can be undone. I really doubt that, folks. I strongly believe marijuana laws are only going to change for the better, with time to come.

The prisoner situation in America still needs some looking into. Many stoners were jailed for marijuana in 2016. Getting a criminal record for smoking weed is the same as having your basic rights taken away from you, folks. There were more arrests for marijuana possession, than they were for violent crimes. Over 620 k people are being arrested for marijuana annually in the States. That’s very sad, folks. This means at least one person gets arrested every minute in America for marijuana related offences. PotnPolitics also intends to visit some of these prisoners in the coming year and share their thoughts on the ridiculous sentences. American war hero, Lee Carol Brooker, an Alabama native, had his life sentence affirmed by the Supreme Court, after they refused to overturn a sentence imposed by the Alabama Court. Stories like this make me mad folks. Rapists and murderers are being nailed petty sentences and marijuana offences get your life in jail. This is the type of thing potnpolitics fights to abolish.

We also witnessed a rapid influx of marijuana products reaching the market. Edibles are on the increase and their demand seems to be increasing. It’s not uncommon to walk into a dispensary in Colorado and actually buy a cola infused with CBD or THC Oil, or maybe some lotion with CBD in it. The debate on edibles remains the same, are they safe?  I personally have consumed kilos of marijuana edibles and am here today. More caution has to be taken with marijuana edibles though, as consuming too much, could lead to medical emergencies. Leaving edibles laying around could also be dangerous if you have kids or pets. All these changes would not have happened under a Republican President, so thanks President Barack Obama

Elsewhere in the world progress towards legalization was also made, but not as rapid as it happened in the States? Australia also passed laws allowing for Medical Marijuana. Recreational Marijuana remains illegal in Australia, but legalization is coming soon folks. More European countries are also now legalizing medical marijuana. Africa seems to be very idle on talks of legalizing marijuana. Some of the better Landrace Sativa Strains come out of Africa, but sadly, their governments remain very clueless on the benefits of marijuana. Countries like Malawi, prohibit marijuana, even though marijuana is their 3RD largest export. All the weed in Malawi is sold illegally. Malawi Gold remains one of the better Landrace Sativas out there folks. Home of Durban Poison, South Africa, seems to have spoken about legalizing for a while. Demonstrations happened in Cape Town this year, during the Marijuana March. The ANC (African National Congress) still rules and boy, are they USELESS! I wouldn’t expect them to see the benefits of marijuana, if they can’t seem to get anything right at all. Countries like Mexico and Columbia also jumped on the decriminalization boat and good for them.

Canada continues to wait for their Liberal Government to deliver on their promise. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, promised to legalize marijuana, when he was elected in 2014. To date, that promise continues to be questioned. I’m sure new marijuana legislation will be passed soon, but I doubt it will be legalization. It’s probably going to be decriminalization. That’s still better than being arrested for small quantities of pot. Canadian Police continue to be very forgiving, when it comes to marijuana offences. Only disrespectful stoners end up getting arrested. Currently, if caught smoking in Canada, you’re probably going to get a fine –worst case scenario. On that note, may the marijuana Gods continue to protect the Canadian Police, as they fight “REAL” crime?  Potnpolitics predicts marijuana will be decriminalized in Canada, in 2017.

Asia also didn’t seem to be interested in talking about marijuana legalization. Drugs are available in Asia, but being caught with marijuana in some places, could mean DEATH for you. As a result, talking the chance to smoke weed, might not be really worth it, if you risk losing your life for it. I hope things change over that side of the world and I hope Asians have the courage to fight for their basic right to smoke weed. PotnPolitics can confirm to you, thousands were lashed, imprisoned or executed in parts of Asia, just for smoking marijuana folks. Its very sad to hear, but hey, that’s part of life. We can only hope it gets better in Asia, for stoners.

Some parts of Asia like the Philippines, actually went through a massive crackdown on marijuana in their country. After the election of the idiotic, tyrannical, vigilante imposer- Rodrigo Duterte, a massive crackdown on marijuana users and other drug users was implemented. Rodrigo Duterte authorized citizens to be vigilantes.  He had won the Philippines election after getting about 40% of the vote. Duterte immediately encouraged his citizens to take the law into their own hands and deal with the drug users. This meant that if you saw someone smoking weed, you could kill them and get away with it. This bullshit, is shit  we might have expected in 1415, folks and not 2016. Mr. Rodrigo Duterte has stood his ground and today marijuana users continue to be slaughtered under this psychotic man’s regime.  The UN suggests more than 25 k people have been slaughtered.

That was most of the marijuana headlines for the year 2016.

However, here at potnpolitics, we also had some amazing success during our first year of launch .After deliberating for over 5 years, I was finally able to launch this blog -PotnPolitics. It was a great challenge for me and I had been frequently brushing this project aside. However, on March 5, 2016, the first blog post was uploaded. We were able to team up with multiple trusted affiliates and hope to build a long relationship within the years to come. Some of the affiliates we signed up with include:

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We believe these affiliates are very trustworthy. If you ever have any issues with any of them, please advise us, so we can act on it .We were also able to successfully bring to you vital marijuana news.

In our first launch year, we are glad to have posted over 120 blog posts. In 2017 we intend to at least double that number. We also ended the year with 4700 Facebook followers and 2000 followers on Twitter. Again, these numbers are expected to at least double in 2017. We love marijuana and like to share our knowledge with other stoners and marijuana enthusiasts, and we are convinced you the readers will continue to talk about PotnPolitics. Our knowledge on marijuana just increased in the year and via this blog, we were able to enlighten our readers on the errors made by the main stream media when passing on marijuana news. One of these fake stories was during the election of 2016. Five states were voting for decriminalization of marijuana, but the media reported it as voting for legalization. The difference of the 2 terms is explained earlier in this post. The media never seems to use the word decriminalization, they just run to use legalization as they feel it means the same thing.  PotnPolitics is proud to have caught this error and rightfully altered our subscribers. To date only Uruguay has legalized recreational marijuana, other countries have just decriminalized.

The only setback we had at PotnPolitics, was that we failed to launch our YouTube Channel as promised. This is currently in the works and this should be up in 2017 some time.  Otherwise, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2017.  PotnPolitics will take a break and will be returning with the next blog on January 3, 2017. Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks. Please also share this post with your friends and family, by using the social media links below. Till next time, take care and cheers

Potnpolitics, www.potnpolitics.com – keeping you up to date with all marijuana news.

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