Canadian Stoners Losing Patience with Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government

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  • December 21, 2016
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Very soon as you drive in the country side and the Rockies- this will be the view from the hwy

Very soon as you drive in the country side and the Rockies- this will be the view from the hwy

In 2014, just before the Canadian Election kicked off into full swing, the Liberal candidate, Justin Trudeau, made a very big promise, folks. Justin Trudeau kicked off his campaign, by promising to regulate and legalize recreational marijuana in Canada. Two years into his term, some are beginning to be sceptical on his big promise. I, like many other stoners, understand that drafting and implementing new laws takes a lot of time, but some are looking at the current marijuana affairs and have doubts that Mr. Trudeau was telling the truth. I can fully understand why this cynicism might exist, after all, marijuana legalization was one of the very first things Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to do. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a stoner himself, who openly confessed to blazing marijuana as a Member of Parliament.  He probably won’t admit he smokes now, as Prime Minister, but we all know he probably does and good on him. Such a stressful job requires a joint once in a while.

What seems to be bothering Canadians mostly, is the fact that dispensary raids, seem to be on an increase under the Liberal Government. Prime Minister Harper’s government, was notorious for cracking down on marijuana, but they didn’t seem to do it as frequent as Prime Minister Trudeau’s government. Earlier in 2016, dispensaries in Toronto were raided by the Toronto Police Department. The Police off cause, are simply just doing their job, so nothing against them.  It’s the politicians at the top that are the problem. Most of the raids that happened in Toronto, were on non-registered dispensaries as well. In as much as I am fighting for marijuana legalization, I still believe we should not taunt the law, but rather respect it.

Marijuana activist Marc Emery, was recently arrested in Montreal for opening new marijuana dispensaries, in that city. Marc Emery owns Cannabis Culture Stores. He is mostly known for selling marijuana seeds and also doing 5 years in a USA Federal Prison for selling marijuana seeds to American customers.   So, more incidents like Marc’s arrest in Montreal, are now leading folks to doubt that marijuana will actually be legalized in Canada….Earlier in the year Justin Trudeau had clearly reiterated the reason for the delay, was due to the fact that , they are  working more on a legalization plan , rather than a decriminalization plan  . Now, it seems it’s going to be decriminalizing of recreational marijuana and not legalization. Marijuana decriminalization means- folks will be allowed to possess certain quantities of marijuana and will be allowed to grow certain quantities of the Cannabis Plant .Legalization means-you can have as much marijuana on you and you can grow as many Cannabis Plants as you want as long as they are for your personal use.  Decriminalization will usually come first before legalization.

Having outlined why many might be doubting Prime Minister Trudeau’s promise, I urge you all to hold tight.  I strongly believe the Canadian Government will implement FAVORABLE marijuana legislation some time in 2017. Passing a new law, especially on such a controversial issue, is very complicated. There is a lot of drafts that need to be done , to ensure that when it does happen, the laws are clear and no grey areas exist  .The civilized world has finally woken up to the truth on marijuana .Even the cool aide drinkers(deniers of facts), have all been shammed by the truth .  Soon, anyone who opposes marijuana smoking, will probably never win an election again. This is not because marijuana is the most import thing, but rather, due to the fact that, only delusional idiots believe marijuana is a very toxic and harmful product.

Many have been healed by pot and more marijuana research is underway.  As we speak today, no one has shown authentic prove, that marijuana is extremely toxic. Most of the negativity on marijuana is mostly spurious. So much research actually shows that marijuana is a very helpful flower and smoking a joint a day, “might” actually keep the doctor away. Mr. Trudeau knows all this folks. I have faith in the Canadian Prime Minister. Let’s give him more time and not judge him on this issue yet. I understand voters have previously been duped by the NDP Government as well, on the marijuana issue, but that was then. There are so many benefits that will come from legalizing marijuana and Trudeau knows that. So as we wait for that day, let’s just be patient and trust that the government we voted into power, will deliver.

Again, in as much as I am fighting for marijuana legalization, I still believe we should not taunt the law, but rather respect it. Recreational marijuana is still illegal in Canada and I am in no way promoting any illegal activities. I’m simply advocating for the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks. Please also share this post with your friends and family, by using the social media links below. Till next time, take care and cheers

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