What Is CBD ? – Marijuana Cannabinol

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  • December 7, 2016
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Cannabinol (CBD) is one of the plentiful ingredients found within the marijuana flower.  It is simply a cannabinoid of marijuana and is available in a vast amount of marijuana strains. Some might also refer to it with various names like CBD Oil, Cannabidiol CBD, or simply just Medical Marijuana. Cannabinol (CBD) accounts for close to half the plants extract in particular strains. It is very common among medical marijuana clients, mostly children. It has no psychoactive effects like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), meaning to say, it really isn’t capable of getting anyone high. Today doctors who prescribe medicinal marijuana favor CBD, because clinical reports show that it has very minimal side effects unlike other prescription medications.

A lot of research coming out today , also favors  the fact that marijuana with Cannabinol (CBD) is actually very effective in treating sicknesses like seizures, depression, and anxiety.  Other studies are also now supporting the fact that Cannabinol (CBD) might also help kill cancer cells or brain tumors. Today a lot of Marines in the USA, are also using marijuana with CBD, to help fight Post Traumatic Stress Deficiency also known as PTSD. Research is still going on, but with the way things are going –it’s clear the world is now waking up to the fact that Medical Marijuana with Cannabinol (CBD), might just be the miracle medication the world has been waiting for. The laws and legislators seem to be now accepting reality and waking up to the fact that marijuana is an amazing form of medication for some

What a lot of stoners and anti-marijuana zealots don’t know, is that medical marijuana has actually been around for a very long time in places like the United States. Long before the Mexican revolution ended in the early 20th century, some of the medication prescribed by doctors already had some CBD in it.  No one really cared what marijuana or hemp was back them, so they never really paid attention. The influx of immigrants from Mexico around 1907, is what triggered marijuana awareness in the United States. The local American citizens were then told by their government that marijuana was so bad and the Mexicans who were smoking it, were becoming violent as a result of smoking marijuana. Little did the American citizens know that marijuana had already been in their medical drawers! CBD Oil today is very legal in places like Canada, Australia and USA but sadly we still have a lot of countries that are not enjoin the benefits of CBD Oil.

Today a lot of marijuana enthusiasts have done wonders with medical strains. The Colorado crews have really done a lot to bring awareness to the benefits of CBD in marijuana as a form of medication. Strains like Charlotte’s Web are becoming more popular than other recreational strains. Most strains will either be more CBD and less THC or Vice Versa. Even though the majority of strains will have the Cannabinoid CBD, many critics still argue that marijuana for recreation use can also be used for medicinal use. After all, even a strain high in THC will usually have some CBD. Charlotte’s Web which is a marijuana strain very high in CBD and low in THC, is probably the most common strain of Medical Marijuana.  It became very popular after it was documented on a CNN documentary by Doctor Sunjay Gupta, a renowned medical doctor from the CNN Channel. In that documentary we see the power of Medical Cannabis Oil. Highly intellectual marijuana doctors, have managed to use selective breeding procedures, to create diversities with high levels of CBD and next to zero levels of THC.

Be sure to look into using CBD as medication folks. Visit your doctor and have a word with them on this amazing medication. Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks. Please also share this post with your friends and family, by using the social media links below. Till next time, take care and cheers

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