• By Trevor
  • November 25, 2016
Finally , weed is legal in Nevada.

Finally , weed is legal in Nevada.

Another historic date in the Nevada history books, folks. November 8, 2016 the state of Nevada overwhelmingly voted yes, to decriminalization marijuana. The main stream media had been feeding the world unintentional lies, stating marijuana has now been legalized in Nevada. That’s not correct folks, it’s just being decriminalized. The 2 terms, decriminalization and legalization, continue to be misused in the world today. Marijuana decriminalization means folks will be allowed to possess certain quantities of marijuana and will be allowed to grow certain quantities of the Cannabis plant .Legalization means you can have as much marijuana on you and you can grow as many plants as you want as long as they are not for sale, as selling has different regulations.

So what exactly does this mean for Nevada? Those 21 years and older can now possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana and an eighth in marijuana concentrates. If you want to grow the Cannabis Plant- you can now do so, as long as you have 6 plants or less.  Vegas just got better folks. Well, actually, just kinda. Smoking marijuana in places like Vegas has never been an issue. Though it was illegal, if you were a tourist and got busted, most the time the cops let you go.  Las Vegas police are some of the kindest cops I’ve dealt with folks. Actually, that’s the only time I’ve had to deal with cops. I was apprehended with a joint behind my ear, just outside the Flamingo Hotel. Was questioned a little bit, had my joint taken and told to go and enjoy the night. Me being me, I went straight to a dealer and got more weed.

With the new law, marijuana can only be smoked in private. If you decided to grow, your premises must be lockable and the plants must not be visible to the public. This was all made possible after Nevada residents voted yes, to the Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also branded as Question 2. These votes were cast on the same day of the United States Presidential Elections of 2016. About 55 % voted yes for this to kick in. That’s over 600 k votes, folks, out of a possible 1.1 million. The only problem I see as a result of this, is tourists getting arrested for smoking in public.  In places like Vegas where one can consume a beer on the streets, am sure many will assume they can blaze on the LAS VEGAS BLVD as well.  I hope the city does its best to make visitors aware, they can’t blaze on the strip, or in public.

Even though this has come late, folks. I guess it’s better late than never. Prohibition has always been destined to fail, and we at potnpolitics, are glad, we are alive to witness some of it. Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks. Please also share this post with your friends and family, by using the social media links below. Till next time, take care and cheers.

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