Arkansas Legalizes Medical Marijuana -2016 US Presidential election

  • By Trevor
  • November 21, 2016
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A starting point for Arkansas. next, is recreational marijuana

A starting point for Arkansas. next, is recreational marijuana

Arkansas, Arkansas, Arkansas, Arkansas!! This is one State in America that always seems to surprise us on Election Day. In the election of 2000, this was the state that surprisingly voted for George Bush. It was a surprise vote because the Democratic candidate was Al Gore – a native of that state and it’s not every day that a presidential candidate fails to carry their home State.

On November 8, 2016 the state of Arkansas voted yes –to the legalization of Medical Marijuana. Even though they voted Republican, the vast majority of the voters agree that its time Medical Marijuana became available in their State. Anytime a red state votes for a Liberal agenda, we have to just look up into the sky and thank the Cannabis Gods for the miracle just witnessed.

The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act, also known as Issue 6, narrowly got the votes required to pass. About 580k voters, voted yes, compared to about 510k who voted no. As you can see, this was a very close vote folks, with just under 55% of the voters agreeing to legalize Medical Marijuana. Arkansas also became the first “Bible State” to legalize Medical Marijuana. These are the folks that usually tell you that smoking pot is a pathway to hell. This vote means that Medical Marijuana has been authorized to treat 17 illness. Among the illnesses covered are , Cancer, Crohn’s disease, HIV, AIDS, Post-traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). A Medical Marijuana Commission will also be instigated as a result of this vote. The Medical Marijuana Commission will be in in charge of most activities leading to the enforcement of this law. According to Arkansas law, this should be in place from November 9, 2016.

I always state in my blogs that marijuana legalization is something that’s going to be implemented no matter what .It’s just a matter of time, so we have had to play the waiting game.  The world is waking up to the truth -that marijuana is not as harmful as we thought it was. People like Sanjay Gupta have also played a major role, in making people open their eyes to the benefits of marijuana. His documentary on CNN known as Weed, sure did wake a lot of folks up. People like Marc Emery, Willie Nelson, Bill Maher and Bob Marley have all been great advocates in the past. It’s nice to know that more people are now thinking along these lines.

I will blog more on this in 2017 and keep you updated on its success. Potnpolitics is here for that. Recreational Marijuana still remains illegal in Arkansas, but remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks. Please also share this post with your friends and family, by using the social media links below. Till next time, take care and cheers

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