A Big Win for Marijuana in USA 

  • By Trevor
  • November 11, 2016
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Very soon as you drive in the country side and the Rockies- this will be the view from the hwy

Very soon as you drive in the country side and the Rockies- this will be the view from the hwy

November 8, 2016 was a historic day in the movement towards prohibition extinction. Five states took to the ballot- their voice for recreational marijuana decriminalization. Three states also got the opportunity to vote for legalized medical marijuana folks.  This election will be remembered for its very vocal rhetoric, but for us the peace loving folks- it will be remembered for the big achievements in the fight against prohibition.  For many, this election was really more about electing Hillary R. Clinton or Donald J. Trump into the Whitehouse, but for others the marijuana issue was also a major one.  Marijuana should have never been banned in the first place, and it looks like the world is starting to move towards the right directing in regards to marijuana legalization.

California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine all voted to decriminalize marijuana for recreational use. Sadly the media has been misleading people-emphasizing that these 4 states voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. It was actually a vote for decriminalization and not legalization. Decriminalization will mean that stoners will now be allowed to possess certain quantities of pot and in some cases be allowed to grow a limited amount of cannabis plants. Legalization means no limits on the amount of marijuana you possess or nor limits to the amount of cannabis plants you grow. These 2 terms have been confused a lot in the media, and that’s the reason why I always urge my subscribers to turn to marijuana blogs like mine- for more accurate info and not to major news outlets. Most of those goons in the media reporting on pot, don’t even smoke it. I wonder what else they are bullshitting us on! Arizona also got a shot to vote for decriminalization and sadly they voted no. In my previous blog, I had emphasized that of the 5 states voting for marijuana decriminalization, Arizona and Maine were the 2 states that would most likely vote no. Maine narrowly passed with a vote for yes but Arizona is not yet ready folks. It’s alright folks, because eventually all feral minded thinking will seize to exist. Legalization of marijuana will eventually  be eventually implemented in the civilized world.

California’s Proposition 64 – California Marijuana Legalization Initiative, overwhelmingly voted yes to allow adults 21 years and older to smoke pot. California has come up with some amazing marijuana strains in the past, and I’m sure this new move will even result in more super strains emerging in this world. I had always thought California would be the first state to decriminalize marijuana for recreational use, but I was wrong. I mean -California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, so you would have thought recreational marijuana would have been there by now.

Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also referred to as Question 4, passed with an overwhelming vote for YES. A vote for yes means that marijuana will soon be regulated for recreational use, using similar laws to alcohol. Massachusetts was already letting off some petty marijuana offences in cities like Boston. Police were now just giving you a ticket for procession of minimal marijuana quantities of under an ounce. Get caught with an ounce in Texas and you ass is in serious shit.

Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also referred to as Question 2 –got a resounding vote to decriminalize marijuana .Nevada will finally have something else besides gambling and Floyd Mayweather. Weed is going to Vegas folks. Implementing this new law will probably take about 12-18 months folks, so don’t expect to see changes right away. The respective State governments now have to work on a pathway to implementing the new law.

The Maine Marijuana Legalization Measure, also referred to as Question 1, narrowly passed, and adults 21 and over will soon be blazing in freedom. Maine was always going to be a tricky one, but I’m really glad most voters there have descent brains.  This is one of the states I was predicting to vote no, but I’m really glad I was wrong.

Three states –North Dakota (Statutory Measure 5), Florida (Amendment 2) and Arkansas (Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act aka Issue 7) all voted yes to approve medical marijuana. This was a huge night for Cannabis folks. Like I had predicted-all three states overwhelmingly voted yes for legal medical marijuana and thank God for that folks. My bad, I don’t really believe in God-thanks to all the smart voters, I meant to say. It’s great to see people’s mindsets start to evolve when it comes to marijuana. I also hope that those that are still delusional about marijuana, come around soon. The regulations for the states voting yes for medical marijuana are not all the same, so I will go into this in detail in another blog.

So for some of us, this is why the American election was important. It had nothing to do with the election of a buffoon, but rather the fact that marijuana laws take a shift in favor for stoners and those that need medical help. With a smiling face, as I exhale the smoke from this Pineapple express Joint, I say, “Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks. Please also share this post with your friends and family, by using the social media links below. Till next time, take care and cheers.”


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