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  • November 1, 2016
It sure is not worth trying to fly with marijuana illegally folks

It sure is not worth trying to fly with marijuana illegally folks

It’s not every day that I write about something that catches the attention of law enforcement, but hey –this staff happens and will transpire whether I blog about it or not. I’m in no way supporting flying with marijuana folks. All I’m doing is writing about those that do it, or might be thinking of doing it. Flying with marijuana is very common and I’m sure everyday someone somewhere is flying with marijuana when they travel. I’ve never deliberately flown with marijuana myself, but once I did forget I had a joint in my jacket, whilst traveling in Europe.  The penalties for flying with marijuana are very stiff in most parts of the world, so this is something you probably don’t want to experiment.  Today the laws are not too clear in some parts of the world, especially North America –so one has to make themselves aware, or they risk a criminal record. Sometimes it’s just best to have the luck of the Irish I guess, when u travel with weed. Remember, even though marijuana is decriminalized in places like Colorado, a Federal agent can still arrest you for it.

Medical Marijuana users in the United States and Canada seem to be on the receiving end a lot, as some assume that because they have a Medical Marijuana Permit –flying with marijuana is no big deal. Well, that’s not correct. Reminisce that not all American States have legalized marijuana. All airports and air space are under jurisdiction of Federal Law, so one could still get charged for trying to fly with marijuana.  While the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) might still turn a blind eye, it’s still a crime. Marijuana Laws in the United States seem to be heading in the right direction, but a lot of ground still needs to be covered. Today even driving past State lines with medical marijuana puts you at risk of being arrested.  It all has to do with the two sets of laws i.e. Provincial and Federal. Federal does supersede provincial law, so be real careful. If you are ever apprehended for it by the police, just remain very polite as the cop knows more on the law than you. One probably has a better chance of getting away with a warning, if they remain polite and cooperate.

In Canada, when one has a Medical Marijuana Permit, it’s possible to legally fly with medical marijuana. It just would be very critical to make sure you are at the airport early, as more security checks and verification will ensue. However, even with a medical marijuana card, a Canadian citizen or resident cannot fly into the country or cross border lines from the United States with any marijuana at all. So when you travel, your best bet is probably to try and score the weed when you get to you destination and make sure you leave all of it before you return.

These laws are changing everyday folks and soon we all will be able to fly with marijuana –medical or recreation. I hope this blog post prevents someone from making a mistake that will cost them dearly. If you want to take your chances and fly with weed in North America, go ahead. Am sure many people do it successfully and I’m also sure many get caught as well. Just remember being caught once might put that smuggler label on you. That’s one record you don’t wanna have on your passport. Please do your research before you travel and if you’re a dare devil –all the best to you.

Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks. Please also share this post with your friends and family, by using the social media links below. Till next time, take care and cheers.


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