HaleyIsSoarx- YouTube Stoner Chick

  • By Trevor
  • October 25, 2016
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What up stoners? Hope I find you all high as the clouds on the great smoky day. Just thought I would tell you all about another YouTube stoner chick I ran across the other day -whilst watching some weed videos on YouTube. HaleyIsSoarx is an American YouTube stoner from California. She is probably one of the more famous YouTube stoner chicks I’ve come across. With over half a million subscribers in 2016 and close to 50 million views, she is surely a force to recon with, within the marijuana entertainment circles.  Besides being a hot chick, she seems to know her shit as well when it comes to cannabis. Her videos are very educative and very entertaining. I mean what could beat watching a sexy chick blaze some grass.

Lately, I see her post videos with her boyfriend smoking weed, but mostly she is solo or maybe with some pets running in the background. It always seems as if each time she lights a joint, her dogs come running into the room- probably to also enjoy the marijuana smoke. I personally like her marijuana channel, because she is a frequent poster and u are almost assured of an entertaining and informative video at least once a week.  Her videos are always done in different settings, which means almost something new each time. My favorite video of hers, is probably when she did a dab from her nostrils, folks. She is the first chick I’ve seen pull this off successfully. I wouldn’t even try this

myself but this chick did it with such great ease and didn’t pass out or anything. Her shows always have something new and as a result I edge you all to subscribe to her channel .She is also one of the few people in this world who can do a 1 gram dab with one hit. That’s a hard task if you know what a 1 gram dab is  .The only other cat I’ve seen do this successfully is  Marijuanaman aka Stephen Payne from Vancouver?

If you enjoy watching hot chicks smoke pot, then this girls YouTube channel is for you to subscribe to. It’s always great to get high whilst you watch videos of other stoners getting high. I always see myself glued to YouTube most of the times when I have a joint with me. Maybe even after watching her marijuana videos, why not turn to her sex channel and also enjoy another great show. Just a recommendation, “not saying I’ve done this before” I know as stoners we don’t want to waste time on boring staff , but I promise you this chicks videos are off the chain  .

So be sure to check her videos out folks.  Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and the joints burning folks. Please also share this post with your friends and family, by using the social media links below. Till next time, take care and cheers.     .


Look at that milky smoke folks  !!!

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