• By Trevor
  • September 20, 2016

Many always ask themselves, if they run the risk of getting cancer one day in their lives, as a result of their marijuana smoking. If you’re like me, who doesn’t really give a damn, then maybe it’s something you’ve never really thought off. It’s not really that I don’t care about my welfare , but I’m cognizant that most of the marijuana research out there has been so biased towards prohibition , so it’s a little bit hard to trust some of these researches  . I’m no medical doctor myself , so anything you read here in regards to health is simply based on what I’m aware off and also what some very learned folks who’ve been smoking weed for a while , have told me on the issue  . I’ll do my best to end prohibition, but in doing so it’s also important that I truly remain factual and truthful to all my readers and subscribers. Country music legend and marijuana activist, Willie Nelson was once asked if smoking marijuana causes cancer.  Smart ass Willie smartly responded that anytime you inhale smoke into your lungs and you bring heat into your lungs you “might” actually be exposing yourself to potentially getting cancer. Not too sure where he got that info from, but I trust Willie and I believe a reliable source would have told him that.

As we try and figure out if marijuana causes lung cancer  , we do know that there cases of folks being cured off other types of cancers by smoking weed

As we try and figure out if marijuana causes lung cancer , we do know that there cases of folks being cured off other types of cancers by smoking weed

Willie Nelson has been smoking weed for I don’t know how many years and today he’s almost 90 years old with no cancer to his name. He’s one of the living testaments in the world today, for those cool aide drinkers (those that ignore the facts) that think marijuana is a dangerous flower. If marijuana was truly dangerous I doubt Willie would still be alive and I will always refer to him cause I don’t know anyone in this world who smokes as much as he does.  Some research suggest that smoking weed can cause   chronic bronchitis and can lead to the risk of being susceptible to lung infections. These researches also suggest that smoking marijuana regularly could suppress your immune system especially if you have HIV or an immune system that’s already weak  .The American Lung Association believes these assumptions on the dangers of marijuana to be true . Their research has not really been validated but they seem to be floating it out to the public anyway.

What this research also fails to pick up is the fact that a lot of people who smoke marijuana also smoke tobacco. Spliffs are very common among stoners. A Spliff is just a joint of marijuana mixed with tobacco. So until they actually do a research on strictly marijuana smokers, I probably won’t believe that marijuana smoking alone gives you lung cancer. What is true though, is the fact that marijuana smoke contains some cancer causing substances as tobacco. We are all entitled to our opinion but the way I see it, no one has yet proven that marijuana smoking can cause cancer. Some research also suggest that smoking pot  and drinking alcohol can increase your risk of evolving a cancer later on in life. The fear of getting cancer has scared so many smokers. Some have turned to edibles as a result.  Edibles are good folks but not as good as the actual marijuana smoking its self.

In all fairness to this debate, I think it’s very wise that we conclude that to date we dot really have vivid research pointing to marijuana smoking causing cancer. As prohibition sees its concluding days, more and more research will be done to get the true answer. As of today, I personally don’t believe marijuana causes cancer.  As we reach the final days of prohibition, I also recommend that the world familiarize its self with some marijuana knowledge. One doesn’t need to smoke it to learn about it.

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