PTSD AND MARIJUANA FOR VETERANS- Why more veterans are choosing marijuana as treatment?

  • By Trevor
  • September 12, 2016
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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder popularly known as PTSD, is a very common illness amongst people who have witnesses something very traumatic in their lives. A lot of soldiers who go to war usually return suffering from PTSD as a result of what they experience during their deployment at war. This is a major issue among active military personal and curing it can be a major task at times. Recent  psychological studies conducted a few months ago ,suggest that over 250k Vietnam War veterans still suffer from some sort of PTSD today  .Some have gotten  treatment and some are actually getting worse  . If anyone knows anyone who’s ever suffered from PTSD, then you know it is a very serious illness and if left untreated, it could be very dangerous to the affected individual.images

Our good ol pal MARIJUANA, is however doing wonders for some soldiers suffering from PTSD folks. One of the ways in which marijuana helps PTSD patients, is by memory extinction-which is the process of removing memory impetuses. Can you imagine all those horrific memories one witnesses at war? Its unimaginable folks, but research is now showing that marijuana can help out in this regard. I personally know 2 soldiers who went to Iraq and were helped out a lot by medical marijuana when they returned home. Initially they were giving some other prescription medication, but it didn’t work as much as marijuana, and today these guys still light up at least 2 joints a day. One of them actually works for the Governor’s office in North Carolina.

Marijuana is also known to help PTSD patients by affecting their sleep cycle. The initial stage of sleep is really the light sleep we have. This could even be just dosing off whilst watching TV or reading a book, but you are not in a deep sleep yet. At this stage our muscles are just starting to relax and our heart rates are slowing down .During the second stage of sleep, we descend deeper into the sleep and our bodies and muscles relax even more at this stage. The 3rd stage of sleep would be the stage when our bodies actually start revamping themselves. Deep sleep is very imperative because this is what regulates how you feel the next day when you wake up. The final stage of sleep also known as Rem is when we are actually dreaming. REM simply abbreviate for Rapid Eye Movement. The only way we can remember our dreams is if we wake up during this stage of sleep. This is also the stage we are in just before we wake up. Marijuana affects your dreams by increasing the amount of time you spend in the 3rd stage of sleep (deep sleep) and reducing the time you spend in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage. This simply means that as your time in the  deep sleep stage is increased your chances of waking up during the deep sleep are also increased, meaning you could miss the REM stage of sleep .This can then fog your brain and memory resulting in you not remembering your dreams. So you might actually dream but not just remember the dream.  So the scientific explanation would really be that smoking weed suppresses you REM sleep thereby affecting you dreams.  So when soldiers have terrible nightmares as a result of what they have seen, marijuana helps them a lot by suppressing their REM sleep. This my friends is why the Cannabis plant is one of the best things that ever happened to this world.

Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks. Remember legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Please share this post by using the social media links below.

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