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  • September 6, 2016
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I will always hark back to a date in 2004 ,when record breaking  Texas Longhorns legend Ricky Williams, called his coach 1 week before training camp to advise him he was quitting football to travel the world. At that time Ricky had been playing for the Miami Dolphins, as a starting running back. Even though he accentuated he was resigning to travel, he did echo that his preceding failed marijuana NFL tests, had had a bearing on his pronouncement. The grapevine kept vowing Ricky Williams had really quit just to smoke pot. This was a footballer who had just come off getting 2 top rushing seasons and was set to earn $US 3.5 million that year  . This was an episode that stunned many including me. Was marijuana really that worthy? I wasn’t smoking pot on a regular back then, but I almost got into the groove.   Ricky Williams would later return to the NFL a few years later, but during this absence he was very vocal on how marijuana should be legalized. A lot of folks including me, actually thought the guy was crazy. Why on earth would you give up the NFL for weed? It was really none of our business folks.

As the years went by, I become a systematic stoner. I began to understand why Ricky Williams was advocating for marijuana legalization. I finally started to clutch why marijuana prohibition was unwarranted. More and more football players would also continue to fail marijuana tests within the NFL. Former NFL legend Randy Moss was even arrested for possession of marijuana, whilst he was playing for the Minnesota Vikings.  Randy Moss even self-confessed to a reporter that once in while he does smoke pot. It always bamboozled me though, why these NFL players would risk so much for just smoking some Cannabis Plant. I’m no NFL star myself, but I can’t picture myself going for months without blazing. Am sure it’s like that as well for some of these NFL Players. After all, they are human as well.  Multiple players get busted for pot in the NFL, but the punishment is usually a slap on the wrist. I don’t believe marijuana should be banned in the NFL, as I believe the game would be more spectacular if folks played whilst stoned.

Today more and more players and former NFL players are now advocating for the NFL to allow players to take at least Medical Marijuana. Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan is one of the active NFL players who was advocating for marijuana use earlier this year. Marijuana doesn’t give any player an added advantage, so it’s not too clear to me why they are not allowing it. With all those head injuries and other injuries in the NFL, you would think a smart NFL Commissioner would have endorsed players to smoke marijuana.

Remember, legalization is around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks. Please also visit my Affiliate partners at Green Cultured Education for a variety of courses on marijuana. From the laws of selling it in Colorado to seed germination, these folks have it all at very affordable prices. Please also share this posting by using the social media tabs at the bottom of this post .



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