• By Trevor
  • September 1, 2016

If you were thinking that Donald Trump is the main attraction of the United States of America’s 2016 elections, you are dead wrong folks. Trump has taken the American Media by storm and each time you turn on Cable News these days, it’s impossible for 20 minutes to go by without the mention of Donald Trump. The Republican front runner has surprisingly overshadowed the talk of the 5 states that will have a vote for Recreational Marijuana Use on their presidential ballot in 2016.  California, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts and Arizona will all be voting on whether to DECRIMINALIZE marijuana for recreational purposed or not.  This is still very low key, even within those states, because the news anchors have chosen to ignore this and just focus on Trump’s attacks and insults on his rivalries. I will admit folks, it’s been fun to watch that buffoon campaign, but it’s very sad that marijuana legalization has been forgotten in the mix of things, all because of a Political Clown.

Massive Sativa plants growing in the wild . Sorry folks i cant tell you where? lol

Massive Sativa plants growing in the wild . Sorry folks i cant tell you where? lol

Luckily the main purpose of this blog is to keep all stoners informed on all updates pertaining to marijuana legalization. Like I always says folks, Legalization Process has now reached a point where it is now inevitable. Slowly but surely we will begin to see more States in the United States and more countries in the world start to legalize recreational marijuana. Marijuana Prohibition should have never been imposed, but unfortunately in the early 20th century we had a bunch of hateful, misinformed and delusional clowns who thought prohibition was the way to go. The tides have turned now and 2016 could be huge for marijuana, if all these five states vote to DECRIMINALIZE recreational marijuana. I personally believe that most of these five states will vote yes to allow for recreational use of marijuana.

The only one that might have an issue is Arizona. Arizona is still pretty much a very conservative state and I wouldn’t be surprised if they vote no this time around. Nevada should win very easily .Aren’t you surprised Nevada took this long to vote? I would have thought Nevada would have decriminalized marijuana way before Colorado did. The politicians in that state must have under estimated the voters love for their cannabis. California should also pass with a vote in favor off decriminalizing marijuana. California was the first states to legalize medical marijuana in the United States. Most Americans will tell you the best marijuana actually comes form Cali, but I beg to differ, as I’ve hit some pretty hard hitting shit from British Columbia in Canada.  On the other hand Maine and Massachusetts could go either way but most likely yes.

So as the election draws closer, we will talk more on legalization and decriminalization of marijuana folks. Wouldn’t it be just nice if the whole world just legalized pot?  Do your part and spread the news around. Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks. Also get yourself prepared for the marijuana boom by taking a course in marijuana via  Cannabis Training University  .Please also share this posting with your friends, family, enemies and pets by using the social media links below.


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