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  • August 30, 2016

If you smoke marijuana as much as I do, then obviously, at least once in your life you’ve probably thought of growing your own Cannabis Plants. The idea to grow marijuana can be triggered by different things. Some might decide to grow because they want to start distributing and some might want to grow, just so they can have some weed whenever they want to blaze. Personally, when I thought about growing, it was really because I wanted to have an ample hoard of my much-loved Sativa Strain i.e. Malawi Gold. No matter what your reason for growing is, the first step is probably trying to figure out how you can get some seeds. As a teenager, I remember buying weed that used to come with seeds in it. We always thought this was the best type of weed because we would always have the option to grow. I never pulled through with growing it, but damn I used to love marijuana with seeds. My father would have gone bananas if he knew I smoked pot, and worse if he caught me growing it .Today, as we slowly charge on the marijuana stigma and folks become more open minded, more and more seed companies are now opening up.

Newly germinated marijuana seed

Newly germinated marijuana seed

The question many folks always ask me is, “Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds?” This is a very grey area folks, depending on where you are in the world.  In Amsterdam and parts of Europe buying marijuana seeds is not a big deal at all. As a matter of fact the world’s biggest marijuana seed companies are in Amsterdam.  In Canada the law is  a little bit fiddly when it comes to marijuana seeds The factual answer for Canada is no. However, being arrested for buying or selling marijuana seeds in Canada is very rare folks. This is because the Canadian Police especially Vancouver Police, don’t really enforce the law when it comes to trading in marijuana seeds. Am sure they have much better things to do than arrest people transacting in marijuana seeds. Once in a while someone might get arrested, but it’s usually when you taunt the police, that you get arrested in Canada for trading in cannabis seeds.

Dana Larson a Vancouver Marijuana activist was recently arrested in Calgary, Alberta for giving away marijuana seeds. He was running a campaign known as Outgrow Canada, where his main goal was to give away as many marijuana seeds as possible so folks could grow their stash. This even attracted the media, and I strongly believe that’s the only reason that led to his arrest. Marc Emery another marijuana activist from Vancouver, also recently did seedstime in a USA prison for selling marijuana seeds across border lines into the USA. Again, Marc was taunting the DEA in a way. Sometimes for your cause to make it, some have to make a sacrifice and Dana Larson and Marc Emery are heroes in that sense. In the USA, it’s illegal to buy seeds but it can still be done, especially if you buy online from Canada

Many companies now sell marijuana seeds online and most of them will usually ship to you depending on which country you are in. In the Middle East, I’m not sure on the laws pertaining to marijuana seeds, but I would guess it’s illegal. The best thing to do will be to check with your local legislators and find out. However, if you want to buy seeds in Canada, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand, the process is just a mouse click away. Click on any of the hyperlinks on this blog post and it will direct you to a Marijuana Seed Company .Also check with them before you purchase , if they can ship to your country  .If you are in Canada no need to check just buy and these will be shipped to you .

Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded Remember legalization is as sure as death and is just around the corner.

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