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  • August 28, 2016

The motherland or Africa as it’s mostly known as, has over 10 Landrace marijuana strains in that region. Marijuana smoking is not as prevalent as it is in North America, but I can assure you the folks down in Africa do have a prodigious assortment of startling Sativa Strains to cherry-pick from. Swazi Gold is one of the worlds best hard and quick hitting Sativa Strains .Unfortunately due to the low prices created by the low marijuana demand in Swaziland, farmers don’t make much for their harvest .The Original Swazi Gold Cannabis plant is also getting harder and harder to come across. The original Swazi Gold has been cross pollinated with other foreign strains from Amsterdam and other seeds from other parts of Africa. Marijuana in Swaziland still carries a negative stigma unlike in North America and Europe where folks are now waking up to the fact that marijuana is no more hazardous than alcohol and actually has manifold medical benefits.  Deep in the mountains of Swaziland the Original Cannabis Plants of Swazi Gold are still in existent, but on the brink of extinction and only accessible by a few.S

In Swaziland marijuana is mostly grown in the mountains away from the law enforcement as it’s still very illegal to grow or smoke marijuana in that country. The Swazi Gold Cannabis plant will finish flowering after about 50-90 days. Swazi Gold is very common among folks who want to do a lot of outdoor activities. Many soccer players in the country are known to smoke a joint before their matches. Swazi Gold will get you energized and motivated with a high level of attentiveness and lucidity.

In Swaziland the very poor folks are the growers of Cannabis and the smokers also tend to be those of the inferior social classes. Most of the Swazi Gold grown in Swaziland is sold in South Africa and Zimbabwe .The Government of King Maswati in Swaziland is cracking down on Cannabis growers and lately farmers have been getting their crops destroyed. Seed companies in Europe have managed to do wonders with Swazi Gold Seeds. In Amsterdam they grow Swazi Gold in Greenhouses. The best pot is pot grown outdoors but the shit they have in Amsterdam is pretty good as well. Vancouver also has some Swazi Gold growers. I know in Amsterdam Bulldogs usually has Swazi Gold marijuana for sale on their amazing weed menu

Swazi Gold

Swazi Gold

Some reviews I’ve seen on this strain online are just amazing folks. One person stated that they had diabetes, but since they started smoking Swazi Gold during their stay in Africa, their sugar levels have been constant. No vivid evidence that it’s a result of smoking Swazi Gold, but the author of the reviews believes so. What I do know factually is that’s Swazi Gold is a favorite for treating chronic fatigue, appetite loss, chronic pain, and mild to moderate cases of depression.

I surely hope you all get to try this strain if you ever run into it. If you think the Mexican Sativa strains are astounding, wait till you try some Swazi Gold.  Remember legalization is around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the joints burning and bongs loaded .If you are interested in some Swazi Gold and other marijuana seeds, please visit MyWeedSeeds  for a wide selection of marijuana seeds.


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