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  • August 24, 2016

Medical Marijuana is currently in high demand these days folks and everywhere I go stoners and sick patients always ask me how they can go about in scoring a Medical Marijuana Card.  Canada is one of the consecrated countries allowing Medical Marijuana for its citizens. The process its self is not as smooth as getting any other prescription , but  it keeps getting better and if the Liberal Government keeps its 2015 election promise , all the stresses involved in procuring Medical Marijuana , are going to be a thing of the past.  The current route is very convoluted and I wish it slackens up soon. The point a lot of patients miss when it comes to Medical Marijuana is the fact that “most “doctors in Canada will not actually prescribe it for you, unless you specifically request that you wanna  try Medical Marijuana, or at least try some sort of prescription that has THC or CBD in it. THC is simply the psychoactive constituent of cannabis. It’s usually gold in color and glassy when solid .It also tends to become adhesive if warmed. CBH is similar to THC but not psychotropic. This just really means you won’t get high with CBD.


The principal stage in getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Canada would be to talk to your doctor. It’s your responsibility to explain why you need  Medical Marijuana and why you believe it will help you compared to regular medicines. It’s very possible your doctor could refuse to authorize this, as many IDIOTS are still living in denial of the wonders of pot.  If your doctor shuts you down ,I recommend you try another doctor. If you doctor is fine with it, he/she might ask that you sign a Release Form from the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). This really just excludes your doctors from any liability issues that might arise as a result of taking Medical Marijuana. This is actually not a requirement, but most doctors feel at ease if you go with this form ahead of time.

Once your doctor gives the green light and hands you the prescription, you then have to go online and complete the final stage of the application via Health Canada. Here you will go through some other questions. When all the necessary forms are completed, you can submit you application with anything else that might be asked of you. The processing times in Canada are currently taking several months as a result of the high demand, but once approved, you card comes in the mail and you are good to go folks. The Medical Marijuana Card can be used to make all future Medical Marijuana purchases online and you can also show the card to the cops if you are ever caught with marijuana on you  .Once this card is in your hands ,it really means you have officially satisfied all the MMAR (Marihuana Medical Access Regulations) . MMAR is a set of rules and regulations for growing, buying and selling medical cannabis in Canada.

With your card you will only be eligible to make purchases online through an approved Marijuana suppliers like Aphria. If you buy from a street dealer, just remember you are still braking the law as of August 24 2016 .Marijuana reform is rapidly changing so I just had to emphasize. I hope this information helps my fellow Canadian Citizens.  Please also spread this article as a lot of folks are not aware of this process.  Sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter could save a life folks.  For more on marijuana knowledge and regulations please visit my affiliate partners Green CulturED Education for a list of very affordable marijuana courses folks. Remember, legalization is around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the joint spurning and the bongs loaded. Cheers

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