Silenced Hippie –YouTube Stoner Girls -Part 1

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  • August 18, 2016
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What up folks? It’s always a great feeling each time I fire up my computer to post a new and exciting blog post. As stoners one of the things we like to do is to entertain ourselves as we inhale the smoke from that miracle flower produced by the Cannabis Plant. At times we just want to listen to stoner jams and at times we want to maybe just watch something interesting, informative or funny on YouTube.  This brings me to this very interesting character on YouTube I know must of you will enjoy watching.

Now , if everyone was a hippie like her , the world would surely be a better place

Now , if everyone was a hippie like her , the world would surely be a better place

A few years ago during one of my wake and bake sessions I was just flipping through YouTube videos and stumbled upon a video from Silenced Hippie. Silenced Hippie is a stoner from Rhode Island, USA who posts multiple video on marijuana on her hit YouTube channel.  Like a hippie she is always in a great mood during her video presentations, probably coz she’s high as fuck.  In a way she’s  A Marijuana Activist , but am sure she just is posting videos of what she enjoys to do.  With over  12 million views on YouTube and over 200 k subscribers , am sure you can figure out she knows what she’s doing on YouTube  .Anyone with those types of numbers is definitely worth the time to watch and again I promise, you will not be disappointed.

I personally like her videos mostly for her openness in chatting on her real time marijuana experiences.  Silenced Hippie discusses issues most of us stoners wanna talk about so again folks, CHECK HER OUT and subscribe to her pages if you agree with me. We need to promote those standing up against this ridiculous prohibition. Most marijuana channel owners present their staff in a comical way which is fine , but her style is more of a mellow presentation. Something you will surely enjoy as you fire that bong up or light up that joint. Smoking marijuana is something the whole world should be doing . I mean, it beats me why any sane person wouldn’t wanna smoke weed folks. The hippies tried to get everyone on pot ,but ignorant folks refused 1to join the Hippie band wagon. The fake stigma pushed by the government superseded the truth on pot.

Well just thought I should share this important information with you folks. As we fight for legalization, I know a lot of folks are still undecided, on whether marijuana is good or bad.  Watching these videos from well informed people like Silenced Hippie will help those in doubt finally get the courage to light up a joint or rip a bong .  For a long time in my life I was one of those mislead delusional people, who assumed marijuana would make humans crazy? After watching multiple videos from stoners like Silenced Hippie and seeing how well they functioned, I began to question the facts (lies) by the government, on marijuana. Today I’m a daily smoker and as a Marijuana Activist my job is to also try and guide others via the paths that led me to finally awaken up. If you enjoy the videos by Silenced Hippie please share her staff with your friends. If you also enjoyed this article and you think it’s worth sharing please share it using the Social Medea links below this post  . Please click on any of the links on this page to watch Silenced Hippie in action with one of her classy stoner presentations. Remember folks, legalization is as sure as death and is around the corner. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks.

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