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  • August 15, 2016

Today the number of people smoking marijuana has increased impressively. The Cannabis plant has provided the world with a sensational flower that more and more people seem to be engrossed with. It’s also evident that more people now do it in open as compared to a few years back when a lot of folks were so reluctant of smoking weed and dreaded how society would judge them.

people of all ages and colors now enjoy marijuana in public , as the stigma heads the same direction the dodo went

people of all ages and colors now enjoy marijuana in public , as the stigma heads the same direction the dodo went

The ignorant always assumed marijuana was such a dangerous drug, but today we all know those who viewed it that way were all delusional. A bastard by the name Henry J .Anslinger was very instrumental in instilling this fake stigma on marijuana from 1929 when he was put in charge of The Department of Prohibition in Washington DC. Some however, refused to be fooled by this idiot’s propaganda. I have never been one to hide the fact that I smoke pot almost every day and I believe I function well. The reasons for smoking vary from individual to individual.

Medical Marijuana is the main reason that has led to the fast track of the marijuana legalization as far as I’m concerned. As the flower starts to do wonders for more and more ill folks, various organizations are now pushing the governments to get their acts together and pass full marijuana legalization and not just decriminalization. Why marijuana still remains illegal in many parts of the world yet alcohol is legal, still puzzles the shit out of me folks. Medical reasons is definitely a major motive for many people to smoke weed in our societies today.  A lot of us go through various stress at work and a few joints after work is probably the most relaxing method I know off folks. They do say a joint a day keeps the doctors away

Then you also have stoners like me, who smoke pot for the fuck of it as well. I do smoke it after a stressful day at work, but even on my days off I’m usually high as fuck folks. This is because I can and I just love marijuana.  If I could ever choose how I was to die, I would want to die as high as a kite. The world has more people smoking for this reason today but in doing so it also has some medicinal benefits. Research now shows that smoking marijuana might prevent cancer cells from forming or spreading. Some argue that marijuana also enables creativity.

Some might also smoke marijuana because of curiosity. They just want to find out how it will make them feel. This was the reason for me when I first hit a joint.  For others it could be just some peer pressure. I can’t see anyone hanging around me and not smoking marijuana. The pressure would just be too rigid to resist, so stay away from me if you hate pot folks. Lol  . I respect everyone’s opinion on marijuana, but please don’t spread lies. If you feel marijuana is not for you, just don’t go around spreading lies that marijuana is bad for people ,yet you have never smoked it  and medical research doesn’t support that lie .Let us, the marijuana veterans and the doctors with no political affiliation spread the truth about weed. Also remember marijuana affects people differently. If it makes you eat a lot, then the end result could be obesity. If you over smoke it and get too relaxed, then you might not want to work.  If it makes you steal money or rob folks so you can smoke, then you probably have other issues. My point really is that, most negativity linked to marijuana, is really meant to be attributed to the individual and not marijuana.

Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks. Marijuana legalization is around the corner and is as sure as death. Please visit my affiliate partners at Cannabis Training University   . If you are interested in learning more on marijuana, these guys have a great course for you at an affordable price.


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