The Marijuana Waiting Game Continues In Canada 

  • By Trevor
  • August 2, 2016
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made world headlines when he became the first Canadian candidate running for the highest office, to promise to legalize marijuana when he got into office. Many even called him the pot president and some actually believe that’s the solitary reason he was elected into office. Off cause that’s not the case. Today with almost a year gone marijuana remains illegal for recreational use in Canada. There is this fake assumption that marijuana is legal in Canada –NO IT IS NOT. When Trudeau ran he never really gave a timeline of when his Liberal government would end prohibition, but he did hint that it would be very soon. Today, almost a year since he took office the laws are still the same… Many are already starting to conclude that it was just political rhetoric and it won’t happen, but that’s not the case folks. I strongly believe the Liberal Government of Canada is actually going to pull through with its promise and they might even do things better than Colorado.

Colorado decriminalized marijuana but the Liberal Government of Canada is saying they want to legalize the shit folks, just like Uruguay has done. Decriminalizing, meaning that you would be able to process certain amounts of marijuana and grow certain amounts. Legalizing, would mean no limits to what you grow or keep. As a result, the liberal government has given that as their reasoning/excuse. They claim the legalization process is complicated , which it is folks  .Personally either or would work for me ,as I can’t see myself too vexed about keeping unlimited amounts. Besides, you can only smoke so much, I actually support the, Liberal government when it comes to their stance on marijuana. I however voted for someone else during the election.

So my advice to those who are now echoing that the Trudeau government has forgotten the sooners, I say just chill and wait. The best is yet to come. It is now realistically impossible for marijuana to remain illegal in North America. Legalization is coming, it’s just a matter of time. Personally I think Canada will have legalized marijuana within 4 years. I know at times it feels like we are going a step backwards, but that’s not the case folks. We see all these dispensaries in Vancouver closing down , the Toronto dispensaries being raided and the marijuana arrests that continue to happen  -then we say maybe it’s even moving away from legalization .That’s not it folks , everything good comes with time .  Like I always tell folks, weed is kidna legal already anyway. It’s very rare that you get arrested for small procession of pot in Canada. Now, I don’t go around disrespecting cops and smoking in front of them, but I’ve bumped into cops in entertainment districts smoking a joint and have just been told to put it out.  Please be advised I’m not saying do the same, because you might end up in the slammer, as it’s still illegal to smoke marijuana in Canada unless it’s for medical use and you smoke indoors

Remember, legalization is as sure as death and is just around the corner. Keep the joint burning and the bongs loaded.

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