Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – July 30, 2016

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  • July 30, 2016
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This week was a really sad week especially for the stoners in The Philippines. The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is starting to gain popularity for all the wrong reasons folks. For those of you not aware on who this mother fucker is, here is a breakdown. In early 2016 the Philippines public elected a new leader. President Rodrigo Duterte was supposed to bring about some positive reform in the poverty ridden islands of the Philippines. When he spoke of reform we had no idea he had some medieval times policies in plan.  This moron is publicly encouraging the citizens to kill any drug dealers and users. Imagine someone seeing you smoking a joint or selling a joint and they just pelt on you till you die. That exactly what’s happening in that country.  Whats even sadder about the whole situation is the fact  that some citizens are actually pulling through with this and folks are starting to lose their lives as a result of this mad man’s echoes.

Philippines new leader has VOWED to punish marijuana users.

Philippines new leader has VOWED to punish marijuana users.

People are now just showing up dead, as losers enforce the president’s wishes.  It’s very shocking to know that something this ridiculous could still be happening in 2016, in a decent country like the Philippines. Sadly no one seems to be saying anything about this , but this blog will do all it can to make the world aware of what’s happening in those islands and hopefully this whole thing ends when that mother fucker is put in prison for inciting this garbage  . Laws should be respected and if the Philippines don’t want people smoking marijuana or doing other drugs then make proper legislation. Vigilante Justice in 2016 is a mockery to civilization and should be abolished. It should never ever be encouraged by a world leader, no matter what country you come from.

Elsewhere in the world the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) will be growing about 1000 pounds of marijuana in 2017 for research purposes folks  .This will actually be a decrease of about 50% from 2016 , in which they will grow about  1500 pounds of pot.  I personally don’t have anything against the DEA as they are just enforcing the laws our stupid politicians make .At least they are making the effort to actually continue with marijuana research, even though I believe they are the wrong organization to be trusted to do that type of research. I really find it hard to believe that they would be fair in that research, as part of their job also involves fighting drug users and dealers  .Let’s wait and see what type of research they do , cause maybe we are rushing to false conclusions  .

That’s all for this week’s marijuana headlines folks. Next week Saturday, I launch my new category on this blog, so check this space for details. Remember legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the bongs loaded and joints burning folks? Please also visit my affiliate partners at EZ Vapes at for some great marijuana merchandise.

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