Is Marijuana Dangerous?

  • By Trevor
  • July 25, 2016
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Even though the marijuana stigma is slowly diminishing in the world today, we still have a decent number of delusional prohibition fanatics, who believe that marijuana is very dangerous and in some cases they also believe it’s highly addictive. One would assume that those that actually say marijuana is dangerous, have at one stage in their lives at least hit a joint or a bong hit. However, that’s not the case folks. Most of these prohibition zealots have never smoked pot in their lives, so you wonder where they get this fake hypothesis that marijuana is very dangerous. The media and politicians have played a major role in brainwashing bigots when it comes to marijuana. From the days of Reefer Madness to the days of mandatory minimum sentences for potheads, society still wants to live in denial. For some reason they strongly believe that marijuana is very detrimental to society and should not be legal at all. I could point to other things that folks think are beneficial to society but are actually very dangerous for society. Religion is one of them. The world will be a better place if everyone was a stoner compared to everyone being a religious person.

To date there is no vivid proof that marijuana is in fact dangerous folks. As a matter of fact the most dangerous thing about marijuana in today’s world, is probably getting caught with it. Yes folks, get caught dealing in marijuana or smoking it and that could land you in jail and in some countries they will slash the shit out of you for smoking pot, or maybe even sentence you to death. Here I was, thinking we are now in 2016, but we still have very primitive marijuana legislation in a large fraction of the world folks.  Today as we speak there people serving life sentences in the USA for strictly marijuana crimes folks. In other places of the world folks have died for it, all because governments don’t want to regulate so they can keep making money from jails and fining people. As a result, I strongly believe the only dangerous thing about marijuana today is probably just being busted with a stash of weed.

There is some other research that has come out that states that marijuana can lead to lung cancer but it’s not 100%proven. It’s also hard to believe some of this marijuana research especially when some of these people are the same folks that told us pot could make you crazy.  However, am sure marijuana does have some negative effects folks but so does everything else in life.  When it comes to Medical Marijuana, I am convinced that it is safer than any prescription drugs out there folks.

Remember to I’m not a medical doctor, just a stoner who knows that the governments have lied a lot about pot so I will always question everything they say on pot. At the end of the day the onus is on you the smoker to figure out if marijuana is for you or not. For some it might not be the right thing. As for me folks, I know marijuana is harmless for me. Please visit my affiliate partners at Green CulturED for some very affordable online marijuana classes folk’s .Remember legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded fox

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