How To Score Marijuana Successfully

  • By Trevor
  • July 20, 2016
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I know at times the craving for some marijuana is so high, but it’s very imperative that common sense and good judgement linger with us all the time folks. Numerous times I’ve seen stoners make very dumb moves in trying to score some pot and the end result is usually not very good folks. I know it’s hard at times to figure out who to trust when you wanna buy drugs, but with time it will become easy for you to tell who you can and cannot trust. Some might already be saying, “How the hell does he know that?” Well folks, I’ve been smoking weed for a while now. I live in country with very liberal marijuana laws so I buy weed with a little bit of ease. However, when I do travel I just need to put my thinking cap on, not that I ever take it off. haahahah

The first thing you should know when you are buying marijuana from someone for the first time- is that they should also be a little bit nervous as they don’t really know who you are. So if you walk up to them and ask for some Cannabis and they are very quick to sell to you without asking more questions or without giving you eye contact for a while, they are probably law enforcement folks. Most people in North America will usually ask you if you are a cop as well, before they sell you anything. They do this because if a cop is asked, he/she has to legally say yes, so I hear.  Also never accept to buy marijuana from a persistent dealer , who pushes hard for you to buy .If you are desperate, maybe vet him a little bit or just walk away and try and watch his movements to see if he is offering more people as well .

It’s also very smart to know the price of pot in the area you’re in or you might pay an arm and a leg for pot when in reality you should have paid a few dimes. In Canada for example ,I buy an ounce of weed for $200-$260, but if I went to Malawi the same amount is about $15-$30. So if I went to Malawi assuming marijuana prices are the same, if weed is offered to me at $100 an ounce I might actually assume it’s a great deal, but in reality I just got ripped off. Knowing the prices will enable you to negotiate and also enables you not to get ripped off.

Ability to spot and recognise a potential drug dealer is also very important. A street drug dealer will usually be very friendly and will come to you as if they know you. In Europe and North America drug dealers are usually folks of color. Hope no one thinks that’s a racist statement folks, I’m just telling you like it is. If you are offended go smoke a joint. If you are in America and it’s a black guy not speaking Ebonics, it’s probably a cop. Even the white drug dealers tend to try to imitate an Ebonics accent. Lastly if you think maybe it just might be a cop, ask to buy a small amount and tell them u have a friend who needs a really huge supply. Cops would rather make a bigger bust so they might let you get away with the small purchase in anticipation that you will return –and off cause you won’t. All you do is get the small stash and tell him/her you’ll get back to him

That’s just a few tricks I’ve used in the past folks. Am not saying these tricks will work for you folks, it’s just sharing some tricks I’ve used in the past.  That’s it for now folks. I sure hope I gave some worthy tips. It’s probably common knowledge to many, but if this helps even half a person then I’m a happy stoner folks. If at all you are unfortunate to get busted for marijuana, just being polite could result in a warning. Please also visit my affiliate partners at EZVapes for some great smoking paraphernalia folks. Keep the joints burning and bongs loaded and remember legalisation is just around the corner and is   as assure as death.  Cheers


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