Why Do American Conservatives Support Marijuana Prohibition

  • By Trevor
  • July 18, 2016
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There once was a time when stoners blazed in picture-perfect freedom folks.  Somewhere along the line, someone or some people were not delighted to see people relish marijuana-and so prohibition began. Marijuana prohibition began in North America shortly after the Mexican revolution in the early 20th century. The Mexicans who migrated from Mexico had always smoked marijuana for recreational purposes.  After a short while of being in the USA the government decided to create a fake stigma on marijuana smoking. What the American folks back then failed to realize was the fact that marijuana was already in their medical cabinet.  It was actually not the Mexicans who introduced marijuana to Americans  .Initially marijuana prohibition was created to prevent the Mexicans from enjoying something they had been used to before they moved to the USA.  The locals did not like to see the over joyous behavior of the Mexican immigrants after they had smoked some Sativa  .As the years went by ,the reasons to keep marijuana illegal started to change, but the lies from the government continued.

Pharmaceutical companies also apprehended that marijuana was a miracle plant that could help with so many sicknesses. As a result they did their best to keep it illegal.  Pharmaceuticals are aware that the less the folks know about marijuana, the more likely they will get medicine like pain killers. As a result they have become big lobbyists for the Conservative government in America. These companies are known to give millions and millions to political candidates so that when they get elected into power, they do their best to keep marijuana illegal. If the government has to legalize marijuana, this will definitely cut into the profits of pharmaceuticals so they have been doing all they can to keep prohibition in existence. What a bunch of lollygaggers folks

If marijuana becomes legal, pharmaceuticals know that more people will have access to supplying it, as growing it will not be as convoluted as manufacturing prescription drugs. Folks with cancer will just be able to grow it in their back yard and save so much on cancer medication, which by the way-these pharmaceuticals are charging an arm and a leg for.  So for a long time the Pharmaceuticals have had the conservative Politician’s balls in their hands folks. Unfortunately for them the tides have now turned folks. The days of prohibition are coming to and end and soon prohibition will be a thing of the. past.

Conservatives have also supported marijuana prohibition so they can fill up the private prisons they have in the United States. So many people are being locked up for marijuana crimes just because some greedy conservatives want to keep the prisons full with mostly minorities who seem to get nailed more for marijuana crimes even though all races do drugs at the same rates . Texas has so many prisons folks and we have people serving more than 2o years for marijuana. Its very sad folks but sadly this is coming to an end. Prohibition is on the verge of going the same direction the Dodo went folks.

That’s all I have for now. Remember Marijuana legalization is around the corner and is sure as death. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks. Please also visit my affiliate partners at Green CulturED for all you affordable online legal marijuana education. They have so many courses to choose from and I think it’s a smart idea for you to take some of these classes in case you maybe want to get into the marijuana business one day or if you just wanna learn more  . Cheers

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