Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – July 16, 2016

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  • July 16, 2016
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Another week vanished folks and another ounce of marijuana smoked. Great week for me, and sure trusting yours was as great as mine. The Marijuana Movement for legalization continues.  This week we had some key marijuana developments in South Africa, where they are now working on legalizing Medical Marijuana. Lots of deleterious undertakings  happening in South Africa today, but it’s great to know this major development is now in process and the government believes they should be able to roll it out to the public sometime in the year between 2017-2020.

South African Policeman destroying some Cannabis Plants  . These days will be over soon folks , once legalization takes full swing

South African Policeman destroying some Cannabis Plants . These days will be over soon folks , once legalization takes full swing

A close source within the South African Government has confirmed that currently some research is being done at the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital. I just hope they are working with other nations that have already legalized medical marijuana, as these places will be able to save them a lot of tax payers funds as this research has already being done  . However, as we all know Africa does things a little slow and in a backward manner at times. Maybe I shouldn’t be quick to judge, so let’s wait and see what will happen. Medicinal Marijuana will be such a great thing for South Africa and Africa as that region seems to import most of its drugs. Medical marijuana will be cheaper for the Africans as farming it will be very cheap and very lucrative if they decided to sell.  Currently they are working on making it strictly for cancer patients, but as we all know marijuana is a drug of many wonders folks. I know folks who take marijuana for all kinds of shit. Gone are the days when people just smoked it for getting high. It has become a miracle medicinal product. . Currently they intent to make the marijuana available only in State run government hospitals within Johannesburg.

More and more people also now seem to be educating themselves on Cannabis.  More Marijuana Colleges are opening up as folks are so fervent to learn the truth on this marijuana flower the governments have always mislead us on .Most of these Classes/Courses are very affordable considering the wealth of knowledge you would get from them.  I’ll be writing more on these particular course very soon.  In learning more on marijuana it’s also very important that you go with trusted Colleges folks, as there’re a lot of con artists out there, who don’t really seem to know as much as they say –when it comes to the Cannabis plant. There is also a greater number of phenomenal Marijuana colleges. I personally know a number of these Marijuana Colleges myself folks. The majority are good and I haven’t really heard anything bad on any of them. However my most trusted marijuana college has got to be Green CulturED Education. These folks are based in the Marijuana Capital of the United States i.e. Colorado. They offer very affordable online classes and I encourage you to visit them by clicking this link, if that’s something you are interest in. It’s very legal to take marijuana courses online anywhere in the Western World. Am not too sure about Asia. It’s best to check with locals in your area. All you need to do as pay and do it online. This is something you could still do even in Saudi Arabia but the choice is yours, just be aware of the risk first folks. Anywhere else in the world like Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Africa and USA I know for sure taking these online marijuana classes is perfectly legal. So please visit Green culturED education for some courses. Remember legalization is around the corner and is as sure as death. Keep the joints burning and bongs loaded folks. Cheers and see you tomorrow with my Strain of the Week column. Cheers


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