How to Score Marijuana in a Foreign Country

They say it’s very imperative for stoners to share all their marijuana knowledge folks, and today I want to touch on the topic of how to score some marijuana when you travel to another country. At times the worst parts of traveling away from your own country, is usually the fact that you worry so much on where and how you will score some weed when you travel. On a previous blog post, I did touch on ways some folks use for trafficking, but this is not sagacious, like I accentuated in that post.  The cost of being caught tryna smuggle far outweighs the benefits of pot folks.  Having said that, finding someone to notch you the pot when you arrive is not as chancy as smuggling, and your odds of getting away with it when u buy are higher.2

The trickeries of scoring weed are typically very similar where ever you go folks but there’re small things to look for. If you are staying in a hotel on your travels, your best bet would be to ask the hotel staff where one can get some marijuana. This trick will usually work in western countries as they are a little bit more liberal. If you ask a hotel staff member in a place like Malaysia, you might have the cops by your room within an hour, so please use your better judgement. In more stringent places like Asia, the best places to score are usually at hot tourist spots or in a bar. Never ask anyone who’s by their self in the bar unless it’s a chick. The door man or the bartender will usually be very obliging as they know a strong tip will go with a good marijuana referral.  Doing an internet search on how to score weed into the country you’re going to is also a very good idea. Google will usually be able to point out the actual areas to get pot and what to avoid.

The best way to score pot folks is probably going to be through strippers. Just go into a strip club and the first girl who comes to chat with you, just ask her where to get some weed.  Stripers usually have drugs on them and if not, they will usually know where exactly to get some. At first she might be cautious if she feels you’re a cop, but if you can convince her you’re not- you’ll get u a nice stash of grass, which she might even be willing to smoke with you.  Some strippers work with law enforcement so be careful. Best way to confirm if a stripper is not working with cops is to try and kiss her before you ask her about the weed. If she shows no interest in kissing you after she came to you, she probably is not the right stripper to ask. The only drawback to this folks is you might kiss a stripper who just de-throated a herpes infested penis.

However, the most vital thing will always be to make sure that you do your research on the laws of being caught with marijuana before you try to blaze. It wouldn’t make sense to try and score marijuana in country where folks get killed for pot. Always weigh your pros and cons folks. Remember smoking marijuana is one of the greatest pleasures of life, but never taunt law enforcement or take DANGEROUS risks. One arrest in the wrong place could make your life a living hell .That’s it for now folks. I sure hope I gave some worthy tips. It’s probably common knowledge to many but if this helps even half a person then I’m a happy stoner folks. Please also visit my affiliate partners at Grass City   for some great smoking paraphernalia folk. Keep the joints burning and bongs loaded and remember legalisation is just around the corner and is   as assure as death. May the Cannabis plants grow till they touch the sky. Cheers


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