Marijuana Headlines -Weekly Round Up – July 9, 2016

The bout for legalization in Canada has not been won yet folks.  Many still incorrectly assume it’s a guarantee but lately the Liberal government is showing signs of some muddle when it comes to instigating new marijuana policy in Canada. This past week the same government raised alarm bells yet again, when they announced that the legalization plan they are working on will not allow folks to grow their own pot, unlike in Colorado where anyone 21 yrs and over can actually grow up to 6 plants. Former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan who has been assigned to1 chair the federal task force on marijuana legalization and regulation reiterated that marijuana will have to be treated like tobacco. What she misses to comprehend is that a lot of folks want to grow marijuana for medical use and not for commercial use, so why preclude a cheaper way of getting it for the marijuana patients. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that at least she smokes a joint soon -so her mind can open up a bit folks.

Elsewhere in the world the Philippines has elected a new President. Rodrigo Duterte has made it very clear he is going after marijuana user’s folks.  This charade of a human being needs to be reminded this is 2016 and not 1921 folks. The Philippines have the right to elect whoever they want and I just hope they were clear-headed when they voted. It really paradoxes me why Rodrigo Duterte would go against what

Philippines new leader has VOWED to punish marijuana users.

Philippines new leader has VOWED to punish marijuana users.

the majority of the civilized world is trying to do –LEGALIZE MARIJUANA. If that’s who the Philippines want as leader- it’s their choice. I’m just glad that my nation’s leader doesn’t think along the same lines as him when it comes to marijuana. Rodrigo Duterte also went on record saying he would kill over 100k criminals and dump them in the Manila River folks. Seems to me this guy is not in touch with the world. Criminals should be rehabilitated not KILLED. So to the Philippines, good luck and I sure hope you knew what you were doing when you voted this ASSHOLE into power.

In the United States statistics are now showing that ever since the legalization of medical marijuana, Medicare Prescriptions for many drugs have dropped. Yes folks, more senior citizens switching to marijuana as a result of its effectiveness and also its ability to handle their medical issues better than traditional prescriptions. This is really the reason why the Liberal government might not want folks to grow their own supply. They would rather regulate it somehow so they can cash in from their citizens. Research is now showing that the states that legalized medical marijuana are seeing a decrease in the prescriptions for pain medication and also anxiety and depression. Marijuana is a very effective painkiller, it’s also very quick to start working and at times within 1 minutes you can feel the pain go away.

I hope we have more good news this coming week folks. The fight for marijuana legalization continues folks. Legalization is as sure as death and is just around the corner. Please visit my affiliate partners at Green CulturED Education for some great and cheap online marijuana classes folks. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks. May the Cannabis plants grow into massive trees .CHEERS.

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