Does Marijuana Cause Memory Loss?

Does marijuana cause memory loss, is a question we hear thrown around a lot these days folks. As the research into the phenomenal flower intensifies, more and more questions keep popping up and a lot still has to be substantiated as factual.  Remember the time of Reefer Madness?  For those of you too young to remember Reefer Madness- it was a film produced by some anti marijuana zealots who were merely trying to install and reinforce a deceitful chronicle that marijuana will cause stoners to go coo coo folks .During this time a lot was also thrown in the air about marijuana making people very violent. If you smoke marijuana am sure you are juddering your head and probably saying how the fuck could people actually believe this crap? Well, its simple folks. Back in those days the folks trusted their government a lot and whatever the government said people were usually bound to believe it. The government took advantage of its trusting citizens and ran with the fake facts that marijuana made you crazy.

Some research suggests marijuana might cause memory loss.

Some research suggests marijuana might cause memory loss.

Today the tides have turned though folks. People now question the government more. Today even though no vivid research can pinpoint marijuana to cause mental illness there does seem to be a link that marijuana “might” just cause memory loss.  Some research is now showing that chronic marijuana users could potentially suffer from long term memory loss. I’m a chronic marijuana smoker folks, if you hadn’t figured that one out.  I however don’t feel like my memory has gotten bad since I started smoking weed. Maybe it has, but I just don’t remember …..Hahahahahaha.  Most of the research coming out these days is more honorable folks and “it might” just be true that marijuana “might just” cause some sort of memory loss.

I personally still function very well and I don’t think it’s done any damage to my memory.  Stoners I respect greatly have gone on record saying that their memory was affected a bit and they suspect it’s due to chronic marijuana use. Like I’ve said in my previous blogs and my upcoming book, marijuana is going to affect different folks differently. Maybe one day it will catch up to me but as of now, I’m good and I won’t be smoking any less than I’ve been doing folks. Marijuana was put on earth by the cannabis Gods for us to enjoy and I will make sure I do just that every single day until the day I leave this world folks. As long as I have the ability to smoke pot I will continue smoking weed.

Just to conclude, I’m not a medical doctor so for a more vivid answer and explanation on marijuana causing memory loss I recommend you maybe check with your doctor.  I will also says if i ever suffer from memory issues due to marijauan use , i will just treat it with medical marijuana. Look at Snoop and Willie Nelson though, they function very well but they both smoke pot a lot. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister Smokes pot as well, or should I say “used to” smoke pot and he functions well. Please also visit my affiliate partners at Grass City   for some great smoking paraphernalia folk. Keep the joints burning and bongs loaded and remember legalisation is just around the corner and is   as sure as death. Please also share this post with you friends and your mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles.  Cheers

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