What Gets You Higher, Joints or Bongs?

  • By Trevor
  • July 5, 2016
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Chances are the first time you smoked cannabis it was probably a joint that you took your first hit out off. Traditionally speaking when it comes to marijuana smoking, the popular way of doing it is via a joint. If we were talking of sex, the first style you probably had sex with was most likely the missionary style. As a result, in the stoner’s world when you hear missionary style it simply means smoking a joint. A marijuana joint is simply a cigarette with no tobacco but marijuana in it. It can be rolled in different shapes and sizes depending on the roller. Rolling a joint is not that hard folks and I will cover that at a later time .With time Bongs were also introduced and today most stoners will usually have one or two of these in their collection. A bong is a filtration gadget mostly used for smoking cannabis or other herbal substances. A bong has different names folks. Bongs are also referred to as water pipes, gravity bong , glass bongs or plastic bongs.    A bong is usually made of glass or plastic and is a more modern way for marijuana intake. Bongs also come in all shapes and sizes and prices also vary. You could get a good cheap bong for about $100 but if you want to go for a big brand name it’s possible to get a cool bong for about $1500.00.



I personally usually like to switch between the 2, bongs and joints but I really prefer bongs. Bongs will usually hit you harder and they also save on marijuana. A joint will keep burning even when you’re not smoking unlike a bong that only burns when you light it up and are taking a hit. Personally ,I also find that I get much higher when I smoke from a bong. The hit you take is usually so much better and smoother as well, coming from a bong. Joints on the other hand are more convenient to carry around as you could just roll that mother fucker and stick it behind your ear. I can’t imagine going to work with a bong folks. It would be so much harder to hide.

1When I smoke joints I usually need like 3 grams of weed to get high i.e. 3 joints  “my size” unlike a bong were I only need to take  hits from about a tenth of a gram if I have some good shit  . After 20 hits from a bong I’m usually smiling and singing in my head folks. I do like joints more at certain times though, as they are more relaxing and you get to enjoy the weed for a much longer time. A bong will usually have you passed out sooner.  So the next time you really wanna get high like a mother fucker folks, be sure to get you a bong as it will get you harder hits than a joint.

Please also visit my affiliate partners at Grass City for some great smoking paraphernalia folk. Keep the joints burning and bongs loaded and remember legalisation is just around the corner and is   as assure as death.  Cheers

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