The Unknown Marijuana Strain!! The Strain You Smoke With No Name, Just MARIJUANA

  • By Trevor
  • July 2, 2016
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On this edition of Strain of the Week I decided to take a dissimilar approach yet again and write on the standard no name strains we smoke in the stoner community. After a while of smoking marijuana you became habituated to innumerable top name strains of pot, but once in a while the Dutch will be passed onto you and neither you nor the passer of the Dutch has an idea of what strain it is. Some folks are just into weed and don’t really care what they smoke. Most of these folks will usually refer to their marijuana as “Some Good Shit” This usually just means it’s presumed to be a hard hitting marijuana but no one really knows what strain it is.  The reasons the strain is unknown will vary folks.  The person might have bought it from a grower who just grows pot on a small scale so he really doesn’t put much time into knowing more on the strain that he or she is growing.

Hippies enjoying some bud . if everyone in teh world was a hippie , teh world would be such a better palce folsk

Hippies enjoying some bud . if everyone in the world was a hippie , the world would be such a better place folks.

I remember a while ago a friend of mine was trying to give me some free marijuana seeds but she had no idea what the seeds were. These will be the same seeds that will in due course get onto the marijuana market as no name marijuana folks. There is nothing wrong with no name marijuana as long as it takes you to the places you want it to take you.  Personally I like to know what I’m smoking because different marijuana varieties will affect you differently. You don’t want to be smoking some Indica marijuana if you are fixing to write an exam coz you will probably fall asleep.

The no name marijuana is what I smoked more off during my tender smoking year’s folks. Younger smokers will usually smoke whatever as they don’t usually want to ask the dealer what strain it is. A few of these kids might actually still think that marijuana is just marijuana and are not aware it comes in various strains folks.  No name strains are usually very good though. In the USA we used to smoke a lot of marijuana coming from Mexico, and we never bothered to ask what strain it was. All I know is that it was some hard hitting Sativa   .I got to smoke my first Indica marijuana in Amsterdam. No name marijuana is usually branded with the dealer who sells it. If I were to smoke some no name weed I might recognize it as the weed I bought from the Eastside Dealer or maybe the Southside dealer.  No one knows the name so they just associate it with the seller.

That’s all I have for now folks. Please also visit my affiliate partners at Grass City  for some great smoking paraphernalia folk. Keep the joints burning and bongs loaded and remember legalisation is just around the corner and is   as sure as death.  Cheers

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