Can you envision having a criminal record merely because you were busted with a small amount of pot folks? The thought is just excruciating, especially if you know very well you are not a criminal. This is something that does happen a lot. All my marijuana smoking years I’ve never personally been busted. I do have a Marijuana Card, but before I had it I was never in a situation where I had to get handcuffed for weed. The peculiar thing about marijuana arrests is that about 75% of them can “probably” be prevented. Even in countries with resilient marijuana laws there is still an infinitesimal chance of hope that one could get away with it. I decided to write on this just in case anyone here is ever in that situation. d

The most important thing to do if you are ever busted by the cops is to remain EXTREMELY polite folks. Most stoners who end up going to jail for small volumes of pot are usually very rude to the arresting officers .We all need to realize the Police don’t make the law , all they do is enforce it  . No need to be rude to the individual just doing their job. Most the time anyway, the officers don’t even want to arrest you, but your actions could make them change their mind.  The first thing to do when confronted with marijuana by a cop is to express regret and just cooperate. The worst case scenario is usually that the weed is sequestered and no criminal record for you. Smoking marijuana in a public place is also opening a can of worms for yourself. Always try to smoke in discrete areas unless offcause you are in in Holland in a designated smoking public area.  Smoking around non pot smokers is also very impertinent and someone is bound to call the cops on you.  Even with a marijuana card you have to respect those around you.  Don’t give the pro- prohibition bigots more ammunition to fight legalization.

However should you ever end up face to face with an officer, your tone is what will almost certainly determine whether you get ticketed, arrested or let off?  A lot of cops smoke as well folks and they comprehend why folks smoke pot at times. If you are ever busted the first thing you want to do is turn off the joint or whatever device you are using. Whatever the cops asks for just do it, considering the fact that only you can make it worse for yourself at that time. I mean you are either going to jail or you are not, but your actions could impact that outcome. Being caught can’t be undone, but your actions will determine the outcome of the bust and maybe even your future. Referring to the cop as Officer does show veneration and even a mean cop could turn to his soft side. If you are busted in a 3rd would country, a $20 bill could do the trick folks, but be very chary how you offer it.  Most cops in 3rd world countries are so poorly paid that they will take a bribe to let you off. Respect is also very important when bribing. You have to realize you are still in soup, so don’t say something like, “Here is $20, now leave me the fuck alone.” A statement like that could result in an arrest, loss of your $20 and maybe even a thorough beating with no possible lawsuit for your ass to pursue. Also never play the race card when busted, that’s really an old trick folks that is BOUND to backfire. On that note i’m jsut gonna step out ourtside to my Gazebo and light one up.

Hope these tips help someone one day folks. Please also visit my affiliate partners at Grass City  for some great smoking paraphernalia folks. Keep the joints burning and bongs loaded and remember legalisation is just around the corner and is   as sure as death.  Cheers

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