Marijuana or Sugar – Which is more dangerous ?

Each time I watch a prohibition zealot bashing marijuana on the news, or on a documentary, it really exasperates me folks. This is largely due to the fact that we have so many other items in this world that are legal and very harmful to humans, but no one says anything about them   . What’s up with that folks? I have maintained for a while now, that marijuana is harmless compared to a lot of other things out there and as a result the prohibition should end NOW. As a matter of fact it should have never existed in the first place. Folks who go on the news and bash marijuana are probably the very same folks who are giving their kids some juice packs that are close to liquid sugar folks, and we all know the consequences of sugar, if taken in excess. They worry so much about “other” people smoking pot, but are not vexed about their kids consuming that sugar at school.  No one is forcing them to smoke weed but they just don’t want anyone else smoking it, because they grew up surrounded by that marijuana stigma folks.

Well, I’ve just about had it folks. It’s time we battle our faultfinders with facts. Let’s not just sit back as these pro-prohibition bigots thrust their delusional marijuana prohibition propaganda. To date the world does not have a SINGLE recorded death caused by marijuana, but we continue to hear how marijuana is not good for us and is too precarious.  On the other hand we all probably know someone who has died as a result of a disease linked to sugar intake. In my opinion sugar is much more dangerous than marijuana but I still don’t think sugar should be banned. I believe parents should monitor the amounts of sugar their kids take, but adults can take as much sugar as they want .Likewise with pot folks. No one has the right to tell an adult not to smoke marijuana. As a matter of fact, I believe even prisoners should have the right to pot, as long as they didn’t commit violent crimes.7

Consuming too much sugar leads to various diseases. Am sure you all know this but I’m just stressing a point. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity and other related cancers can all be directly attributed to sugar intake. On the other hand marijuana is helping cancer patients and also helping recreational stoners like myself. I have always maintained that marijuana for adults is just some harmless fun. No one has come up with any vivid evidence that I can recall, that shows that marijuana is more dangerous than sugar.  As a matter of fact ,over half the states in the USA are now allowing for medical marijuana, so how can marijuana be bad folks?  A recent study by the Wall Street Journal showed that more people are beginning to realize that marijuana is safer than sugar. Most of the folks below 35 feel this way according to that particular poll.

So the next time a prohibition zealot tries to talk u out of smoking marijuana because they feel it’s too dangerous, please just tell them to go and fuck themselves folks. If you want to be polite a bit, maybe just tell them you don’t really have time for bogus facts. That’s all for now folks. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded. Remember, legalization is around the corner and is sure as death. Please also checkout my affiliate partners at BILLOWBY for all you marijuana paraphernalia or some interesting products stoners might enjoy.  Cheers

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