Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – June 18, 2016

Another week gone by folks and hoping your week was better than mine, coz mine was sure shitty as fuck. Sure hoping for a better one this next week though.  I blame the retrograde step in Washington for my bad week. If you hadn’t heard folks, medical marijuana in Washington has been dealt a toxic blow. Here I was, assuming that the decriminalization laws meant that medical marijuana would at least be safe, but I guess i was wrong folks.  A lot of new changes come into effect after July 1stimages (3)

Marijuana patients in Washington will now only be allowed to have 4 cannabis plants down from 15.  Folks that’s almost a reduction of 25%. . If you however chose to be on the registry, your limit will be 6 plants. From the 4 plants if you are not registered, you would only be legally allowed to possess 6 ounces of weed. UNBELIEVABLE gobbledygook folks, that’s just how i see it. So currently if you have a prescription for marijuana in that area u can possess marijuana or cannabis plants without registering. If you don’t register, this would mean law enforcement can arrest you. You would then need to prove in court that you had a medical prescription. With registration the police would be able to figure out who exactly is authorized for medical marijuana.

So what’s up with all these new alterations? Well, it’s never clear cut why law makers make some of these reprehensible decisions folks.  They are probably smoking some other shit and not marijuana. Maybe they truly feel that 15 plants per person was way too much for one person. That’s not really a vivid argument though because why would that rule simply apply for marijuana. If one can take as much cough syrup as they want, why can’t one smoke as much medical marijuana as they want?  I couldn’t answer that folks, but maybe ask those that support this sham of a law if they fell down with their head as a kid.

Marijuana-FieldElsewhere, Colorado collected a whopping record breaking $117 million in marijuana sales this past April folks. Of that amount about $5 million went to the development of schools within the state. About $75 million of that was from recreational marijuana sales. This was an astonishing 80% increase from last year in April. I just wonder how much it will be next year. Medical marijuana sales were about $41 million. $40 million of marijuana sales also went into the state coffers. This is exactly why we advocate for this legalization movement folks. At the end of the day everyone will benefit from the legalization of marijuana. Do this on a larger scale and even more jobs will be created.  Even delusional religious leaders are starting to come around in support of the legalization movement.

That’s about all I managed to catch through the grapevine folks. Again I do wish you all a great week and happy smoking as always. Please also visit my affiliate partners at for some great merchandise most marijuana lovers will enjoy .Till next time, keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded. Remember, legalization is just around the corner and is as sure as death. Please share this post using the social media links below.  Cheers.

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