Spliff-What Is A spliff And Why Are They Becoming Popular?

  • By Trevor
  • June 5, 2016
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Well, its Sunday morning here in Eastern Canada and just thought I should share some info on Spliffs with u all. Chances are if you’ve been smoking marijuana for a while, you’ve probably come across a Spliff. Personally, not a big fan of them but once in while I do see myself taking a hit from them. So what exactly is a Spliff?  A Spliff is similar to a joint or blunt but the produce is different. A Spliff really is a joint that has marijuana and tobacco assorted together.  Some might ask, why would one want to blend tobacco and marijuana? Well, preferences differ folks.520ebda5d016508cad5c914dd73eb365

I’ve been smoking pot on a regular basis for a while now. Before that, I used to smoke it once in a while and was not really a fan of pot. I personally ran into a Spliff for the first time on a recent visit to Europe. It was on this visit that I actually found out what a Spliff was and I also tried it for the first time. This is something that is very big in Europe but not as big in North and South America. In Asia and Africa Spliffs are also not as common, making Europe the Spliff continent of the world. Spliffs might also be popular in Oceania but don’t quote me folks. Am still to visit that part of the world so not too sure what gets those crazy Aussies and Kiwis high.  Places like Europe, smoking a pure marijuana joint is considered a waste of marijuana, so folks substitute with tobacco. Folks also use tobacco with marijuana that doesn’t burn well when rolled up. Ever lit up that joint that keeps turning off each time u don’t hit it in like 30seconds? Well, the solution might also be to use some tobacco to help the weed burn better. Spliffs are also used by marijuana rookies who feel the strain might be too strong so they want to try and neutralize the potency. Others just prefer Spliff coz they prefer them!

I lit up my first Spliff in Ireland and I really didn’t enjoy it folks. It was as if I was really just smoking a cigarette as i tasted more tobacco than weed. I quit smoking tobacco when I was 10 years old. Yes, that’s right, when I was 10years. When I was 10, me and my brother bought a pack of cigarettes each and smoked it over 1 week. After that I have yLUB3Annever really smoked since then. The occasional time I might light up a cigar, but I’m strict a pot lover.  I also tried a Spliff in Amsterdam for the 2nd time and that was enough to make me decide I probably would never roll one ever again and I’ll just stick to marijuana.

Spliffs do run very smooth but you have to smoke more to get higher and as a result I just don’t really care for them. Tobacco is also VERY bad for you so I have justified my hatred for Spliffs with that. However, I have so many friends who enjoy them. Some enjoy them because they save them weed. Some stoners like me are ok paying more for weed as long as it’s strong enough. That’s it for this week’s strain of the week folks. See you next time

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