Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – June 4, 2016

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  • June 5, 2016
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Some very debauched news came out of Malaysia this week folks.  We continuously seem to have cases that seem to make the legalization movement seem shaky, but that’s not really the case folks .It’s just that some corners of the world are still very eyeless and barbaric when it comes to marijuana, but am sure things will change soon. A 29 year old contractor was sentenced to hang by a Malaysian court. M.A Dickson, was busted with procession of just over 10kg of marijuana at a bus terminus in Malaysia. He was possibly trying to move the gear folks and the law caught up with him. Unluckily for him, trafficking marijuana is a gigantic “crime” in Malaysia and the Judge showed no mercy to the family man. Can you imagine being killed for marijuana? This is surely very primitive and I hope Malaysia reconsiders its laws soon. I grasp the fact that legalization is still in its embryonic stages, but this sentence is a mockery to civilization. Passing sentence Dr. Sabirin Ja’afar reiterated that the prosecution had proven its case and he “saw fit” that a family man be hung for trafficking marijuana. UNBELIEVABLE GARBAGE!!!!!!!

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After sentencing, Dickson looked back to his wife who was in the court room to show her support. Sadly for her the Kangaroo Court displayed no mercy what so ever .So let me try and comprehend this folks! If you murder someone in Malaysia you are hung. If you rape you will be hung. Equating these brutal crimes to trafficking marijuana is an insult to justice and common sense and I hope the Malaysian politicians and citizens strive to reform this pathetic medieval law. Dickson has a very small chance of his sentence being reversed, but I urge him not to give up and fight for his life.  Please also share this post or any related post to this incident, so the world can know about some of these events folks. This will be the only way laws might be changed in such medieval corners of the world.   .

To a more pleasing headline now folks, coming out off Colorado. The new marijuana laws instigated 2 years ago are attesting to be very fruitful to society. Mayor Jeff Kiddie who opposed the decriminalization of marijuana was forced to swallow his preceding stance this last week. He came out, and had some very encouraging words.

We have such a small tax base. Medical and retail marijuana have definitely helped the town’s bottom line. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t.

Denver collected over $US28million in marijuana tax revenue last year. This money has surely gone a long way in improving infrastructure in that particular region.  As this industry gets bigger and bigger only more money is going to keep coming in and less problems. Delusional anti marijuana bigots had, falselyAP120210167140-e1399563307345 predicated problems with decriminalization. Colorado’s success story should be a living testament to all other nations and states that are still denying stoners the right to blaze their stash, without the fear of being harassed or arrested by law enforcement. Cops are being tied up on trivial marijuana issues as violent and dangerous criminals run wild on the streets. Even other places that decriminalized recreational marijuana like Oregon, are also seeing the benefits of the moves.

The City of Daytona Beach in Florida also voted on Wednesday June 1st 2016 , to decriminalized possession of up to 20grams of marijuana. This seems to be happening more often in the United States now. Recently the city of New Orleans also voted for a similar law to be passed. If this passes in Daytona Beach, this would mean if the law caught you in procession of under 20grams , you wouldn’t go to jail but just get a ticket  . This is better than nothing folks but still not what we want. We want full legalization of marijuana as the government should not have the right to make marijuana illegal just like they can’t maker French Fries illegal. The problem with this type of decriminalization passed in Daytona Beach is that these tickets might turn into warrants and eventual jail time for the offenders. As a result i say, “Just fucken legalize the shit man. Fuck it.”

That’s all I have for this week’s marijuana headline folks. Please be sure to visit my affiliate partners at Green culturED Education for any online marijuana course you might want to take at very affordable prices.  Remember, legalization is as sure as death and is just around the corner. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks. CHEERS






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