How To Get An Extreme Marijuana High

Always a pleasure to catch up with u all as I chat more and more on this miracle flower they call marijuana  .  The month is almost gone folks and we are almost at midyear. A lot of changes happening in the marijuana world and more and more folks starting to blaze the holy flower. For those of you trying out marijuana, I just want to welcome you on board and I guarantee u, “Once u start smoking pot, u won’t stop”. Now this is in no means a result of marijuana being addictive, it’s just that marijuana is just so amazing like that. If loving to do amazing activities is considered addictive, then I guess pot is addictive. This blog post is mostly for those who might be starting out on pot and maybe want some tricks on how to maximize the intensity of the high from marijuana. As a trouper marijuana smoker myself, I am aware of quite   a number of tricks to get a better high. This trick I’m blogging about today works well for me and a few of my friends whom I’ve told about it. Before I continue, let me also emphasize that marijuana affects folks differently, so maybe this won’t work for you but it might even work better for u than it did for me.images (4)

I know most of you will roll a joint after reading this post and try this trick out. Just be sure to please leave honest comments if you’d like to share. Enough of the chit chat, let’s get to business.   I’ve discovered that when I’m smoking weed watching a movie or just TV films I tend to get a couch lock high. This simply means I’ll be glued to the couch and I get a high that kidna leads to sleepiness really quick. No matter what strain I’m smoking the effects seem to be the same when I smoke watching TV. However folks, smoking marijuana when listening to loud music seems to get me as high as a kite.  I could be listening to my iPod or watching music channels, the high is just amazing no matter what strain I’m smoking. With Sativa it’s even much better, as this is a strain that generally gives one a great uplifting.

I always wake up Sunday morning for my news round up and yes folks when I wake up on a Sunday the first thing I do is fire a joint. From about 5am till about 9am I’ll be on the couch in a very deep couch lock as I smile away at the TV.  By around 8.30am i start to dose off. However, when listening to music I could smoke for about 12 hrs without passing out. I go through phases of bn high then sober then high again. Smoking when listening to music is just amazing and it makes me just wanna stay high. So, I hope you try it out and see if this works. I sure hope this works and if not please share some ideas on how you get a more intense high yourself.

That’s all I have for now folks. Till next time, please take care and keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded. Remember legalization is around the corner and is as sure as death. Please visit my affiliate partners Green culturED education for any marijuana online classes you might want to take. These guys offers a wide variety of marijuana classes that can prepare you for the marijuana Boom if that’s the path you wanna  take. I’ll be back on Saturday with the weekly marijuana headline. Till then, cheers.

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