Where Did Marijuana Come From Part 2 ?

Sure hope you relished the first part of this blog folks. Am sure some were so edgy and might have gone to do the research on what my part 2 might be like, but hey am still going to give my side of the story. So in Part one I touched on the fact that initially Cannabis plants were being used for their fibers to create hemp and no one actually had ever thought of lighting up the flowers of the plant. I hope I’m not giving you guys new ideas as some might just start randomly smoking different flowers to see if they can get high. Well, I’m just going to get on with the blog topic folks.

If your memory is functioning ,then from the previous blog you will remember that cannabis pants had been discovered around 3000 BC. Up until the 2nd century the plants were used strictly for fibers. During the 2nd century a Chinese surgeon, Hua To began to use cannabis as an anesthesia. He combined cannabis resin with wine and used it to diminish pain during surgery. He performed painful organ drafts, re-sectioning of the intestines, loin incisions, and chest incisions while the patient was anesthetized with this mixture of cannabis and wine. I can only imagine he was using Indica because that’s usually the better strain for pain issues. After thousands of years of just being used for mostly fibres, folks began to realize that this was surely a miracle plant especially after its first medicinal use. After moving from China to Japan, cannabis eventually made its way to the Middle East. As the Chinese were still strictly using Cannabis plants for Fibres, elsewhere in the Persian peninsula a man by the name Shayk Haydar is believed to have discovered hashish in 1155. Hashish is an extract of the cannabis plant, containing concentrations of the psychoactive resins.

It is believed that one hot summer day, Shayk Haydar fell into a state of depression and contrary to his custom of never venturing out of his monastery,  he meandered away into the fields to be alone.  Upon his return his disciples noticed the depressed Shayk was now so cheerful and they noticed amazing eccentricity in his demeanor. Surprisingly, the previously reclusive monk even allowed them to enter his personal chambers, something he had never done previously. Astonished by this dramatic change in their master’s character his disciples eagerly questioned the monk about what it was that had put him into this frame of mind. potThe Shayk could have been smiling to himself and in a different world of his own. If you are a current user of marijuana you know exactly the feeling Shayk Haydar was feeling. Haydar responded to their curiosity with amusement and proceeded to inform them how he had come across the plant. He had been wandering in the fields and had noticed that of all the plants near the monastery, only one had not been standing motionless in the oppressive heat of the day. Unlike its torpid and inanimate neighbors, this unusual plant seemed to dance joyfully in the sun’s warmth. Overwhelmed by inquisitiveness, Shayk Haydar picked a few of its leaves and ate them to see what they would taste like. The result was the exhilarated state his disciples now observed in him.

Upon hearing about this wonderful plant and desirous of sharing their master’s pleasure, his disciples beseeched him to show them this strange plant so that they too, could partake of its marvelous virtues. Unselfishly Shayk Haydar agreed, but not before he made them promise under oath that they would not divulge the secret of the plant to anyone but the Sufis (the poor). So it was becasue of the Shayk  that the Sufis came to know the pleasures and contentment of hashish.  If only our leaders thought like this today, maybe the world will be a better place. Politicians and presidents don’t want to legalize yet they get stoned in the privacy of their home.

apanese ladies smoking weed

Japanese ladies smoking weed

FUCK THAT SHIT. Just look at how much we pay for Cannabis now and people wanna get rich off selling medicine. Don’t worry folks things are changing and soon the world will be able to enjoy the Cannabis plant more cheaply.

Shayk Haydar would live for about 10 more years after his great discovery. Shortly before his death in 1221, he asked that cannabis leaves be spread around his tomb so that his spirit might walk in the shade of the plant that had given him such pleasure during his lifetime.  I sure hope it did and may his soul RIP. On that note folks, please light a joint right now in honor of this Shayk for this great discovery. Many critics have questioned the truth behind this story folks. I myself have made up my mind and I believe it. That’s all I have on the last part of the topic folks. At least now you have an idea of how  folks started smoking. Please click on any of the hyperlinks on this page to visit my affiliate partners. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks. Till next time, please take care. Cheers.