Marijuana Salad – Try this out for a unique high

The first day of the week folks and what better way to start the week than by posting on marijuana. This week I decided to post something marginally different on our Strain of the Week column. Never a bad idea to try and spice shit up a little bit here and there. If uv been smoking weed as much as I, then I’m sure somewhere along the line you’ve made a marijuana salad. Yes folks, I said it, Marijuana Salad .  From time to time I find myself in possession of numerous strains of weed and what better way to get a stoner as high as a kite, than by grinding up multiple strains and rolling yourself a multi strain joint. That’s what we refer to as a marijuana salad folks. One could even hit a marijuana salad via a bong or through a hot box scenario.  So basically a Marijuana Salad in my world is simply mixing up different strains before smoking them via any means possible.

Now , does this not look like something you just wanna light up and enjoy . Mmmmmm , yummy marijuana . Lol

Now , does this not look like something you just wanna light up and enjoy . Mmmmmm , yummy marijuana . Lol

Why on earth would any stoner want to do this? Well, no one ever said a strain should be smoked without being variegated up with other strains. As an experiment I tried out and realized that this was actually one of the better highs a stoner could ever get.  It’s also a virtuous way of relishing some shitty weed .Imagine you buy some shitty weed with THC levels close to zero and you just didn’t want to throw it away. In this instance you could mix the crappy weed with something that has THC close to 3o% and you would have yourself some descent or maybe even AMAZING tasting weed.  This doesn’t always have to be done with crappie weed folks.Miracle Flower One could even mix two very potent strains of marijuana, recalling that on this blog, potent simply means high in THC. Indica Strains like Afghani are way too strong for me as they usually put me to sleep after just about 5 hits. In order to avoid this, if I’m smoking in the day time, I would then mix some Afghani with a sativa and that will usually mean the power to knock me out is neutralized, but the high is out of this world folks.  You’ll be all up in giggles and creative mode in no time.

So really a Marijuana Salad can be made to neutralise multiple strain effects or simply just to appreciate an altered type of high. I wouldn’t endorse making a marijuana salad before work, until you are aware how it affects you. Once I made a Marijuana Salad after a shower then started enjoying it about 20 minutes before heading out to work. As I was watching CNN whilst enjoying the Marijuana salad joint, I passed out and woke up 2 hours later with 6 missed calls from my boss. Since then I smoke Marijuana Salads when I’m not going to work or when I’m planning not to leave crib. This salad will hit you differently each time so be prepared. Don’t try this during your lunch break as well unless you are well aware how the high will hit you.

Hope you all get to try this out folks. Anything I endorse in regards to marijuana is usually very amazing and have tried it out myself. Till next time I sure hope you all have a great and efficacious week and please check back on Tuesday at 8pm EST for a great blog post on marijuana history. Please also visit my affiliate partners at Grass City  for some very interesting accessories.  Cheers folks and please keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded. Please also share this post with your friends and families and those that hate you as well . Remember, Legalization is as sure as death  and is just around the corner.

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