Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – May 13, 2016

potnpoliticsWhat up folks? Hope all is well and again trusting we all had a great week.  Its Friday here and am sure you know me what I’m smoking. Yes, blazing some of that cool green shit they call marijuana. Last week in our headlines I exposed a story about how Colorado was planning on going back on some of its decriminalization laws. Well, today it looks like the group of Marijuana Grinches is getting bigger and bigger folks. This week the Police in Colorado are pursuing a holt on marijuana decriminalization so they can figure out a way of executing certain aspects of the law when it comes to marijuana.  All these impulsive concerns are making the unexpurgated decriminalization a joke as they are undermining the will of the voters. The voters voted for decriminalization and the state legislature passed the law. Don’t you folks think maybe this is something they should have premeditated ahead of time and not wait for now to bring this up? As others were campaigning for legalization I guess the Police assumed it would never be decriminalized.  However folks, things have been moving very fast in Colorado. There has been about 80 marijuana-related bills in just the past 4 years. As a result I kinda commiserate with the cops a bit. I however am against going the wrong way, in this case, backwards.

Global Marijuana March in South Africa

Global Marijuana March in South Africa. Thousand gathered in Cape Town to show their desire for marijuana legalization . 

The global marijuana March was on May 7 and marches transpired in over 300 countries folks. In South Africa a massive crowd of about 3000 stoners congregated in Cape Town to March in support of relaxation of marijuana laws and also in support of legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. With more and more new research substantiating that marijuana can help with diseases like cancer, glaucoma, HIV and AIDS many are still bamboozled as to why the government is turning a blind eye to this.  A South African opposition lawmaker Mario Oriani-Ambrosini in 2014 had submitted a draft for legalization of marijuana but regrettably he died shortly after that. Today however it’s reassuring to note that demonstrations are taking place with such big crowds. These are not crowds composed of unemployed youth folks but crowd of leaned mother fucker’s folks.

Ohio could vote for medical marijuana his November

Ohio could vote for medical marijuana his November

Back in the USA, Ohio is also now on track of legalizing medical marijuana and we could see a vote on this, this November during the 2016 presidential elections. We are now in the signature collection process and for this move to linger, the state needs 305 k signatures for this to go to next step. Let’s keep our figures crossed and hope that Ohioans do the right thing and vote in such HIGH” numbers, “like they don’t just care”. In New Jersey Police Sergeant William F. Turbot , 30 was arrested for selling marijuana folks. I don’t really blame the guy for selling marijuana as I feel selling marijuana as no different to selling soda to folks. Unfortunately the law has to be enforced and the unfortunate cop will probably lose his job. Well, my message to him is we are hiring here at Pot N Politics and we allow smoking on the job as long as its marijuana. We also have a hefty exit package of about 20 arces of cannabis plants.

That’s all I have for this week folks. I sure hope you have a prodigious weekend and watch out for my new book coming out on August 9 .Watch this space for more info. Remember legalization is as sure as death and is just around the corner. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded. Take care and also please visit my affiliate partners at Grass City , for some smoking paraphernalia and other accessories. Cheers folks

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