Skunk #1 (Sk1) – Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain –THC 20-25%

Cannabis is nothing but great fun for folks like me

Cannabis is nothing but great fun for folks like me

This is a strain that is very prevalent in Europe, largely due to its “high” effects folks. Born sometime in the 1970s, Sacred Seed Company was the known first company to breed this strain and since then more and more seed companies are now coming up with their versions.  Regrettably, due to its popularity, a lot of dealers, coffee shops and dispensaries are being detrimental to the Skunk Strain, by just naming any strain, Skunk. As the demand for this strain grew, more and more folks tried to cross pollinate in order to also come up with Skunk #1. However, in the process they have fashioned a not so good Skunk. It’s also very normal for someone to deliberately lie that they are selling skunk just to get a sale.  Folks, the true Skunk Strain is a marvel to blaze and hopefully one day you all get to experience a Skunk high before you leave this earth. Each time I’m in Europe, I make sure my cousins have some Skunk with them, when they pick me up at airport.

POTNPOLITICSToday’s Skunk #1 is a cross between Afghani, Acapulco gold and my all-time favorite Colombian Gold. Folks, this strain is named after a Skunk because the smell is so strong. Among stoners marijuana Skunk as one of the best smells one could ever smell. However, it is also so strong that a K9 that’s has failed the police academy 25 times can still pick it out from 100 miles away. That off cause is exaggerated folks, just trying give u an example of how strong Skunk #1 smells.  A great enabler off creativity and also an awesome remedy for work stress and lack of appetite, Skunk is just an amazing strain folks. All the 3 strains used to Cross Skunk#1 are really great strains. Afghani and Acapulco are some of the more popular Indica strains, whilst Columbus Gold is a very popular Landrace Sativa strain. Now imagine those 3 mixed together. Wow!

Most Skunk strains are usually grown indoors just like other hybrids. Hybrids don’t really have a local environment folks as they were created by humans unlike Landrace Strain. Sadly some folks now just refer to any marijuana as Skunk just like folks used to refer to any weed in the USA as Kush, sometime back. Imagine scoring some crappy weed because the seller said its skunk, then u realize it sure is shitty! One will most likely spread the word that Skunk was disappointing but they could have just smoked some pot grown by some low life scammer. In places like the UK , any good marijuana is generally referred to as Skunk as well. So maybe you might smoke some good staff after been told its Skunk #1 but in reality it was just some other good weed. Skunk #1 has a very sweet earthy flavor and a very strong smell folks.

Well, that’s all I have on this week’s Strain folks.  Sure hope this coming week is great for all of you. Wish you all great success and keep trying out marijuana strains folks. The world has thousands of strains out there. Please also visit my affiliate partners in Amsterdam, Sensi Seeds for some Skunk Seeds to start your garden or business.  These guys will ship marijuana seeds to most parts of eh world. Till next time, keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks .Also please share this post with you colleagues.


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