Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – May 6, 2016

Always a pleasure to interact with you folks on this amazing Saturday, as we chit chat on marijuana headlines across the globe.  It was a great week for me and I sure hope ya’ll had a great fruitful week as well. Nothing new really, just a great week for me. As for our marijuana movement folks, things keep on shaping up as we move on.

potThe biggest news of the week was probably the big announcement out of Germany. For those that might not have heard, Germany has announced that in 2017 it will officially legalize medical marijuana in that part of the world. I actually kinda saw this one coming but hadn’t really gotten to chit chat on it. Barely a week after the Canadian Health Minister announced that the Liberal Government of Canada was moving towards legalization of recreation marijuana, the German Health Minister Herman Grohe also made his good news public. In his brief speech the German health minister did  reiterate that it was important that they moved on with this development as it was going to help a lot of very sick people . As I read the speech myself, I just kept questioning why other countries don’t just wake up and do the same thing. Its obvious marijuana legalization is as sure as death, so I don’t see the reason for delaying it. Under this new law ,folks with a doctor’s prescription will be able to just walk into a legal pharmacy and score their meds.  Now this move is not surprising to me because, currently in Germany a lot of the marijuana laws are not really enforced. Small amounts of marijuana will usually just get confiscated or maybe just a ticket. As a matter of fact the Isn't this a beautiful sight?USA seems to be the only Western country that seems to have tyrannical marijuana laws today. I know 4 states currently have decriminalized pot, but thousands of mother fuckers are STILL being locked up for smoking pot , resulting in ruined lives.

Good news in the USA though came from Alabama where the governor signed into law a bill that would make medical marijuana officially legal.  Alabama was just recently in the news for all the wrong reasons  so this update this week was surely great to hear.  The movement for marijuana legalization continues folks and we won’t rest until that goal is achieved.  That’s all I have for this week’s marijuana headlines. Be sure to check back tomorrow for The Strain of the Week Post .Till next time, take care and peace out.

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