How to beat a Marijuana Drug Test.

How to beat a Drug Test is a question i get asked a lot .Contrary to prevalent belief that marijuana is smoked strictly by unemployed, lazy and uneducated folks, the majority of stoners are actually very hard workers with regular jobs. Regrettably the workplace rules and regulation can be against us (stoners) at times, resulting in us having to make a sacrifice or maybe find a way to beat the meandering system. I personally know so many folks who’ve had to stop smoking pot because they were so afraid of being randomly selected for drug tests at work and failing. In this very harsh economy, were jobs can be very scarce to score, many just reach the conclusion that it’s not worth it for them to smoke marijuana.  On the other side, you have fellas like me who smoke everyday but am still to fail a drug test.  As an operator of a Mine Dozer at a gold mine in Eastern Canada, I was randomly selected for a drug test 8 times during the year 2015.

I've ignored signs like this my entire working life

I’ve ignored signs like this my entire working life

I know that seems unfair but am sure they have their reasons to suspect that I blaze the marijuana flower. I don’t hate them for trying to bust me, but rather I hate them for wasting my time, as they will NEVER bust me. Sadly I’ve had to witness several friends lose their jobs but I myself, am still employed by that gold mine today. My entire 15 years at that company, I’ve only failed one drug test and that was during my 2nd year of employment. After figuring out how to pass a drug test I’ve passed every single one since then.

Now, I’m in no way trying to encourage anyone to smoke , but rather am just trying to help these that might not want to give up smoking and just want to know how to beat a drug test  . As I’m not a doctor I can’t correctly tell you how long marijuana will stay in your system. However from some research I’ve done the answer seems to be, “it depends” on how frequent you blaze. On average they say marijuana can stay in your system for 30 days after the last time you smoke it. For daily smokers the period can be a little longer and some say it can take up to 90 days. Now, can you imagine no marijuana for 90 days? I myself would not enjoy that. As a result I chose to beat the system and pass the drug test.

Nowadays, there is so many theories out there on how you can beat a drug test if you smoke pot, but I can only advocate for the one I use, as it has never failed me. Most of my drug tests have been random. Preparing for a random test is so different than preparing for one scheduled test. I personally always go to work with some synthetic urine on me. Synthetic urine is something you can buy online at very low price tags. The one I buy comes in this tube like container that I stick to my body when I’m working. I stick it to my body so it stays warm, as I work in extreme cold temperatures of about minus 40 Degrees Celsius at times. As a dozer operator I’ll usually get a supervisor who just walks up to me and asks me to empty my pockets and go into a room to give a urine sample. When I get to the bathroom the water in the toilet is very blue to prevent cheats from scooping some toilet water. Before I enter the toilet I am searched to make sure that I have nothing in my pockets. My little tube of synthetic urine is never in my pockets as I put it inside my sock, that way it’s warm as well. When I empty the sample into the tube handed to me by the boss, I always know I just beat them again. This is how I’ve managed to deceive drug testers for so long. I know they know I smoke pot but they just can’t prove it folks. Now if they google my name and see this post, then I guess I’m fucked.

1Beating a scheduled drug test is a lot easier because you usually have notice to try and find a solution. The easier way would be to just use the synthetic urine as well, but we have cheaper methods out there that I’ve heard off. I’ve heard from other stoners the easiest way would be not to smoke for 30 days, but if you are someone like me, that option is surely off the table. For me a day without pot is like a week with no carbohydrates. I have also heard that if you drink a lot of pickle juice and water, it will help you pass a drug test. I can’t really say much on this as I’ve never done it this way, but I do know workers who used to do it this way when I worked at Walmart. Some folks also say they use somebody else’s urine. The only messed up part with that is you might use somebody else’s urine and be shocked to find out that chap did more drugs than you. If you have trust issues, it’s best never to trust anyone else’s urine. There is also talk by some that say they also just use cleaning detergents. Yes folks, some folks will drink some bleach mixed with water before the drug test. Again I don’t really know if that actually works, but as people do it over and over, maybe it does work.  Folks can also but drug testing kits that way you can always test yourself before you go for a drug test. A drug test kit will enable to tell if your urine is now THC free or maybe even other drugs as well

So really to be guaranteed success in a drug test, I believe there is 2 options. You either don’t do drugs or you try to manipulate the drug test with synthetic urine if u can sneak it in. The drug testing kits and methods they use are getting more complicated. We also have a movement of folks working hard to make sure stoners can’t beat drug tests.

People react differently when they smoke marijuana. I’ve been smoking marijuana for over 20 years and I know it doesn’t make me wild, crazy or any of that crap. The reason behind banning drugs on the job is usually because they might cause some people to put other folk’s lives in danger or it might make folks not perform as well. I’m in no way supporting folks to use marijuana on the job. All I’m doing is telling you how to beat a drug test. This message is for those that are employed that are already using marijuana or any other adult who might need this advice. In the 15 years I’ve worked at the mine, I HAVE NEVER EVER, had any accident at work. I have a flawless accident record and have operated multiple mine machinery .I also don’t smoke before work but I SURE do smoke at least 5 joints after work

Hope you share this valuable post with your friends and family. This post might have some information that could save someones career. Till next time folks please stay safe. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded. Marijuana Legalization is around the corner and is as sure as death. Also check out this article by High Times

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